IRF: Replace all 1 & 2-cylinder transport vehicles with EVs


The International Road Federation (IRF) has urged the Indian government to replace all single and double cylinder, naturally aspirated diesel engine vehicles used for transportation of goods and passengers with electric vehicles (EVs).

IRF is a global body based in Geneva that works in the field of road development and safety. K.K. Kapila, Chairman, IRF believes that it is high time the government pushes its agenda for e-mobility in this segment. According to him, EVs should be mandatory in metropolitan areas including the National Capital Region (NCR) where emissions are a major concern.

According to IRF, 3-wheeler passenger vehicles and 4-wheeler goods carriers are the main source of pollution. They are often overloaded and abused and flout emission norms. IRF has claimed that there is a group which is lobbying with the government to postpone the introduction of Bharat Stage VI emission regulations in the country to 2022, so that they can continue to sell the same vehicles for a couple of years more. BS-VI norms are said to come into effect from 2020. The same lobby reportedly wants exemptions from safety norms mandating ABS, airbags and crash protection.

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