Is it worth buying a Ford EcoSport now with heavy discounts

Is it wise to buy an EcoSport now? If yes, how much discount should we be aiming at?

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Do you recommend getting an EcoSport now at discount?

My elder brother owns a 2016 Ford Figo Petrol (wanted to buy the EcoDport, then but couldn't due to lack of funds). He was looking to buy an EcoSport since couple of years but couldn't, due to his marriage and then he got Covid hard!

When I told him that Ford is stopping car sales in India, his response was - 'saste me EcoSport le lun?'

His job is transferable, but postings are in state capitals only.

So, is it wise to buy an EcoSport now? If yes, how much discount should we be aiming at?

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

No. While I wouldn't worry as an existing Ford owner, I wouldn't buy a new Ford either. Reasons:

  1. With reference to the EcoSport, it is old and there are many new competent crossovers in the market backed by players who will stick around for a long time to come. The Kia Sonet, Mahindra XUV300 & Tata Nexon are my 3 favourite compact crossovers which I would buy over a new EcoSport today.
  2. Figo & Aspire = no man. Too old, Ford's BS6 diesel is troublesome, 1.2L petrol is weak & when I sit inside, I feel like I've been teleported to 2009.
  3. Endeavour? I would buy it pre-owned. Reason = their resale will be hit, plus you could get that lovely 3.2L diesel.

There is no reason to buy a new Ford today.

Here's what BHPian Hayek had to say on the matter:

This decision is always a function of the price that you get the car at, how much tolerance for inconvenience you have, and how long you plan to hold the car.

As multiple people have said, resale value for Fords HAS tanked - my estimate is by at least 15-20% versus what it was last week. But if you plan to hold onto a car for 7-8 years, resale value should not be a major factor in your consideration set while buying the car. What matters is the ownership experience.

If you get a 20% discount on an EcoSport or a Figo AT - and get it for a price equivalent to a lower segment product, you have done well for starters. However, buying a nice car is not the end of your ownership experience, you also need to maintain and run it. I am sure that dealers (during the warranty period) and independent workshops will be able to deal with all routine matters. However, the problem will arise if there are failures involving non-standard parts. These can be bad enough even when a manufacturer is present in the country. It will be materially worse in this case. You should assume that despite dealers best attempts, major repairs will take longer than for any car where the manufacturer is present in India, and you will need to be willing to live without your car in such a situation. You should also recognise that there will be no potential for Goodwill warranty claims - you will need to pay for anything which falls in the grey zone. How much of a saving is this inconvenience worth? In my view about 20% - but you could have a very different perspective.

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