Kia Seltos 1.5L Diesel MT: 1,00,000 km service update

I asked them to replace the transmission oil (per schedule this is done at 120k kms) and check the serpentine belt as well which had a mild squeak.

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The odo was at 79k and I had booked the 100k service for Monday.

On Sunday, June 2, 2024, Bangalore received a record level of rain. However, my area did not received as much rain. So when I stepped out in the evening, I didn't expect the Bellandur storm water drain to be overflowing (and to such an extent). That and being on the wrong side of the culvert meant I had to drive through 2-3 feet of water.

Around the 35-second mark, the fog lights are under while the water level can be seen reaching near the headlight


So when I sent the car for service, I asked them to replace the transmission oil (per schedule this is done at 120k kms) and check the serpentine belt as well which had a mild squeak post the water wading.

As promised, the driver arrived at 7:30 AM and picked up the car from my place. By 9, I received a call from the service advisor asking for my complaints, and by 9:30, the work had started. A WA group was formed where I was added and I started receiving images of the work done and also discussions. Apart from the belt and the transmission oil, I asked for the alignment to be checked, suspension check for any leakage, air filter, and cabin filters to be changed, and complete rat repellent treatment. Also asked them not to apply any polish on the car - neither inside nor outside.

7.8k kms since the last service

The car was picked up

Then received a series of pictures once it arrived at the service centre

100k service entails the coolant to be replaced as well. So 7 litres of premix was added.

Transmission takes in 1.6L of oil - SAE 70W API GL-4 TGO-9

I was informed the rear wiper was on its way out which I had noticed during the Munnar trip. So gave a go-ahead to replace it.

One of the cells of the battery was found to be slightly weak - expected as the battery was stock and 55 months old already. However, the SC quoted 8.2k for a new one post-exchange. I had done my due diligence and knew it was available outside for ~6.5k so asked them not to touch it.

Got the bill around 5PM, 6.7k. I had service plan so the routine service items were FOC this time. The effective cost of this major service was 14k. The car was delivered around 8PM.

I had spoken to the nearby Exide dealer and he had the 60AH battery available. So I got that replaced as well and paid 6.5k. In comparison, some online aggregators are delivering this for another 100-200 less. Exide Mileage MLDIN60 comes with 30+30 warranty

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