Ladakh / Manali rental bikes get operational area limits


Thanks to Syed Mohammed Yasir for sending this information in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts via this Team-BHP page!

The Ladakh Bikers Co-operative Limited and Manali Biker's Association have set new rules for rental bikes after accusing each other of not honouring a verbal understanding they had earlier. Under the new rules, no rental JK 10 registered bikes will be allowed to enter Himachal Pradesh and not HP registered rental bike will be allowed to enter Ladakh. The final pick up and drop off point for all JK registered and HP registered will be Serchu.

The Manali Biker's Association blamed the Ladakh Bikers of breaking the verbal agreement by stating that the pick up point for JK registered bikes would be Manali. This would result in a loss of business for the Manali bike rental companies. They threatened to stop all services to Ladakh and to stop bikes from other states to ride to Ladakh via Manali or Spiti. The Ladakh bikers, in return, said that the HP registered bikes operate in areas like Nubra Valley and Pangong lake, which lie deep inside Ladakh.

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