Lancet: Steps taken to check speeding can save 20k lives

Promoting the use of helmets could alone save 5,683 lives each year.

According to a Lancet study, steps taken to check vehicle speed on Indian roads could save 20,554 lives annually.

The study focuses on four risk factors, including speeding, drunk driving, non-use helmets and seatbelts. Taking steps to avoid these infractions could prevent 25-40% of 13.5 lakh fatalities worldwide.

As per the report, promoting the use of helmets could alone save 5,683 lives each year, while the use of seatbelts can prevent 3,204 deaths.

The Lancet study is based on the data from Global Burden Diseases 2017 that put the deaths caused due to road injuries in India in 2017 at 2,18,876. However, according to government data, 1,47,913 lives were lost due to road accidents in 2017.

The Lancet study also provides an estimate for the lives that can be saved if steps are taken to check road violations in other countries, including the US, China, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey.

Source: The Hindu

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