"Left pull" issue on my VW Polo TSI is spoiling the driving pleasure

Apart from the alignment, I had the suspension checked by the service centre and an FNG. I even changed all four tyres but the problem still remains.

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I have a peculiar problem with my 2020 Polo TSI. The problem is "left pull". The car just drifts to the left.

Currently, the ODO is at the 53000 mark and the problem manifested "right after" the 45K service.

I made three visits to the service centre and they tried to rotate the wheels and correct the alignment. After the alignment, as I keep driving, the problem reappears within a few km. When I pushed the SA to get the problem rectified, the kind of response and steps taken showed no intent to address the issue and I lost hope with them.

I have checked the alignment at multiple places and am convinced that it's not just an alignment issue. Every time after the alignment is rectified, for the first few km, it will hold well and in ~100km, the problem reoccurs.

Apart from alignment, I had the suspension checked by ASS and FNG. All came back saying the suspension was clean.

The car was due for a tyre change and I changed all 4 to Conti. Still no luck. The problem persists with the new tyres too.

This has become a nagging issue now and it's spoiling the driving pleasure this beautiful machine offers. Requesting other members here to throw some light and provide any guidance they could offer to get this machine to its original state.

Here's what BHPian ais had to say about the matter:

Have you checked all the bushings and mounts- engine, suspension and its components, and the steering rack?

Here's what BHPian ankitsharma had to say about the matter:

2 primary contenders assuming the alignment & balancing is done right.

  • Suspension Mounts. Look for space between the car body and the stopper on the top. If there is significant space, change the mounts.
  • Lower front arm bushes. Specifically the ones more towards the rear. At 53K they must have developed cracks, either one or both of them.

Here's what BHPian nerdonwheels replied:

Apart from the steering rack, I have checked the rest. Will check the rack too.

I am making a visit to the SC again this week. Will check the suspension mounts too. As a layman's inspection, one thing which I noticed was the space between the rear tyres and the body (wheel arch). Having the car on a plane surface, when I checked this spacing, on the left-hand side, I found it to be short by close to a cm. Not sure whether this is of any significance. But this is one observation.

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