List of mods done on my VW Polo: Headlights, ambient lighting & more

I am a person who likes music with a blast hence I installed a bass tube in my car.

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Hello Bhpians,

This post solely focuses on the aftermarket add-ons done to my Polo Tsi. Let me get straight into the details.

Custom projectors

These custom projectors come with LED high beams & halogen low beams. I decided to replace the halogens with P8 HIDs with 6000 Kelvin. After the upgrade, the throw of the low beam was phenomenal. The requirement of high beams was minimal as the combined throw would be overkill in usual low-light situations. Also, the colour of the lights was slightly bluish in tone which looked really swag.

Indicators are dynamic swipe type, meaning they move in action. They look fantastic in motion.

Daytime Running Lamps come along with these lights, giving the car a much meaner look compared to the stock units. They resemble angry-looking eyes with a nice flowing light strip underneath them.

Switch on the car & DRL comes up with an animation which shows small LED strips joining into one big strip along with blue to white transition of the DRL pattern. They resemble exactly how Mercedes cars light up their DRLs but with the addition of LED strips animation. This animation is so striking that whenever I turn my car on, people would give a sustained stare at the car for a while.

Overall, these lights are a 10/10 and definitely must be the first major upgrade in my opinion.

Rockford Fostgate Bass Tube rf 1400t

I am a person who likes music with a blast which lead me to get a Sub / Bass tube fitted to the stock audio.

We did detailed research on various brands and it was concluded that Rockford Fosgate is right at the top.

Availability of Rockford Fosgate products in and around our locality was limited but I managed to find a person who could get me one. He was considerate enough to give me two choices of Subs that can be unboxed and tested in my car before deciding on one.

Firstly, we installed a JBL Sub making around 1300 watts and tried playing various music. It gave the song the required amount of low-frequency bass and it was the typical subs that are fitted to cars giving the thump.

We were happy with it as it gave the required bass and felt like the typical sub we all have in mind before getting a sub.

But we still did try out the second choice which was the choice that had come on order - Rockford Fosgate rf 1400t Bass Tube. We installed this one right after testing the JBL. The bass levels were placed exactly the same as when we tested the JBL. Similar music was played and damn, the bass hit so hard, thick and clear that I was out of words!

Whatever the JBL did good, the Rockford Fosgate did it 5x better, to say the least. It is not just about the outright bass, but how the bass was delivered without distortion. The clarity from the bass was extraordinary.
The clarity was ever so present even when the bass levels were increased to higher levels. And, of course, the outright bass was brutally solid.

Mind you, bass levels are to be kept at -9 or - 8 if non-bass heads are travelling inside the car. Levels at -7 to -3 are considerably bass-heavy and would suit regular bass-heavy listening for bass heads. The zero mark till +4 is extremely aggressive which must be played when on a raging road trip. When the levels are nearing the +9 mark, just hope that the glass won't break as they are prone to shatter.

I am planning to add high-quality tweeters soon and I recommend this to anyone who plans to attach a Rockford Fosgate Bass Tube to their stock audio as the high frequencies from the stock speakers are unable to completely match the strong wave of bass from the bass tube.

Setting the high-frequency levels to max on the audio system does help to an extent but the addition of tweeters would make the audio sound delightful.

The wiring is from Blaupunkt.

JBL amplifiers were paired with the Bass tubes and these were decided after getting advice from experts in the field.

Overall, these were a boon to young people like me who get our adrenaline pumped from the bass inside the music.

Exterior dechrome

Blacking out the chrome parts of the exteriors gave the Polo a much more aggressive stance. It looks sportier and is highly recommended.

Steering buckle with the German flag colour

It is a small upgrade but holds a significant aesthetic value.

Overall, this minor upgrade made the steering wheel look Sportier and the Colours break the monotone-looking black-grey interior.

Side door logo projectors

They look fabulous as they project the VW logo when one opens the car door. They are installed on both the front side doors. They look aesthetically beautiful and at the same time, they act as illumination when we get down from the car at night.

Overall, these add the 'look cool' factor to your car. Though not mandatory, we humans tend to get excited over this aesthetically pleasing stuff which doesn't need to be rational.

Footwell ambient lighting

I have installed LED multi-coloured lamps under the footwell for the front passengers & under the front seat for the rear passengers. They illuminate the entire floor of the car and they look gorgeous at night. There's a dedicated remote that can be used to change the colours of light, light animation ( static / dancing / slow transition ), brightness levels, on-off etc.

Overall, interior aesthetics significantly improved and it is a light show at night.

Window tint 3M reflective

I had to tint my car for two reasons:

  • To make the car look cool
  • To prevent UV radiation from entering inside

The tint used is 3M reflective at 35% visibility. A total of 65% of vision is blocked.

Overall, the tint made the car match the sporty exteriors and the harsh rays from the sun were filtered.

F1 3D gel number plates

The regular number plates made the car look dull and hence to give it some style, I reached F1 number plates to send me 3D gel plates with my personalized font style, clipart, and wordings.

The texture of the plate is mildly honeycomb patterned resembling my front grills. These honeycomb patterns also are reflective and look well at night.

Overall, these number plates give the car that extra bling. A few would argue saying " It's just a number plate" but they certainly do increase the styling quotient of any car.

I have attached all the pictures of the above-mentioned modifications here.

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