Looking for a single-gear or fixie cycle for road/street riding

I feel that the fancy derailleurs & disc brakes found on MTBs & road bikes add unnecessary weight & complexity to a city bike.

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After riding fancy MTBs and road bikes, I am looking for a good light, single gear or Fixie cycle with V-brakes for Road/Street riding in Mumbai.

I feel that the fancy derailleurs and disc brakes add unnecessary weight and complexity to a city bike. Speed and performance are not needed but slim, minimalistic and lightweight are.

I cannot find a good single-gear bike in India. Any suggestions on where to source one from?

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If you still have your bike, why not get the derailleur removed and make it a single-gear cycle? Will save you money and assuming you are comfortable with an existing bike, you will continue on a bike you are comfortable with.

I can see your point. Whatever little riding I have done, I have hardly changed gears.

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I just bought a single-speed cycle two weeks back for a simple reason - to be able to enjoy a good ride as I picked up cycling after almost 2 decades. I got a good deal for Kross Bolt and am very happy with the overall experience of the machine. Bought the cycle from rydercycles (multiple outlets across Mumbai). Although you can visit their website, it's best to shortlist the models and then take a test drive from the shop outlet.

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Check out Scolarian bikes - Made in India fixies.

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Why not go with the local options? They are cheap, extremely durable & easy to maintain; and satisfy your requirements of single speed. Remove the unnecessary parts like that chain guard cover or mudguards if needed. You might get one for under 3k if you go the preowned way via OLX.

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