Mahindra Scorpio N AT: 30,000 km update and a trip to the mountains

"On my trip to Uttarakhand from Ahmedabad, the car returned a fuel efficiency of 15.3 kmpl tank to tank, with 4 pax and a full boot."

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30,000 KM Update and a trip to the Mountains

My Scorpio has completed about 30,000 kms now, and I wanted to share a few updates regarding my ownership so far. I also did a 3500 km trip early this year to the Himalayas.


My car has been without a glitch so far and I think I have been lucky that way. The car is running smooth and like it did when new. There are zero suspension sounds and no engine noises. I do face the occasional ICE glitch where Apple Carplay stops working for about 30 seconds or so, but I think that will be sorted at my 30,000 service.

I have driven the car in the city and on highways. It is my daily drive to work and also my preferred car for highways. It is a 5-seater essentially and I have seldom used the last row for ferrying passengers.

I did change the stock tyres and switched to Michelin ATs (256/65/18 LTX Trails) and have been happy with the purchase so far. They are smooth and I haven’t noticed any cabin noise either. They are now 10,000 km old. I also changed the alloys to Fuel very recently and the stance of the car has changed. With the change in alloys and a light upsized tyre, I still don’t have issues when turning full-cuts or on inclines. I have not observed any behavioral change so far in the ride of the car. It continues to be smooth like on stock tyres.

I drive a 4EXPLOR AT and I get about 11.5 kmpl in the city and highway mileage stays above 15 kmpl with me mostly cruising at speed limits (90-120 kmph).

Trip to Niti Valley (Uttarakhand)

We wanted to do a snow drive in the winter but unfortunately, snow arrived pretty late this year. We did drive to Niti though and found some snow along the roadside. The group had a type-1 Fortuner and a Jimny AT. The Scorpio climbs effortlessly even at 3500m and I did not face any issues with the drivability of the car. There did seem to be some glitch though with the MID where the fuel meter would show an empty tank occasionally. Twice, I checked the underbelly for leakages or damage to the fuel tank, but there were none. I assumed it to be a mix of altitude, temperature, and the incline angle that was causing the issue and continued with my drive.

On my trip to Uttarakhand from Ahmedabad, the car returned a fuel efficiency of 15.3 kmpl tank to tank, with 4 pax and a full boot. Here are a few pictures from the trip. The beauty of the valley mesmerized all of us and if you are in and around Uttarakhand, do include this in your bucket list.

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