Mahindra Thar RWD highway behaviour: 6 points including fuel efficiency

The same road trip in a Renault Duster would have been far more comfortable.

BHPian Urorobo recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Have driven my Thar RWD for over 2k km in one month.

Just did an Agra-Delhi trip and the observations are as follows:

  1. Used the Cruise Control to a good measure. It is a good tool for expressways and fairly simple to use. It once failed to work after a pit stop and had to turn off the vehicle and remove the keys twice and then it started working again.
  2. FE on MID was 18 kmpl for the overall trip with some city driving and mostly sedate driving at 90-100 kmph. Some spirited driving too and the car goes till 140-150 but above 120 it is not composed. Real world FE should be 2 kmpl less. Don’t want to do tank to tank as I just need an idea and not exact numbers as most of us press a tad hard on the accelerator. My FE in daily city commute from home to work is 17- 17.5 on MID so even if it is 13-14 in the city, I am not complaining and 16 on highways, realistically speaking after subtracting 2 kmpl from MID.
  3. You keep moving up and down all the time and those sudden road dips and joints are felt badly unsettling the car and those speed/axle breakers just before the toll are best taken in the 1st gear. Rumble strips however are not felt at all even at high speeds.
  4. Best to engage cruise control at 97-98 to not get a speeding ticket and enjoy the drive with the feet off.
  5. Music system does the job. Wind noise well contained till 100 but above 120 can be managed by just increasing the volume.
  6. The same journey in a Duster is far more comfortable. With the current suspension setup, the Thar RWD is not a good highway cruiser (nor was it ever intended to be one).

Briefly sat in a friend’s Gurkha with side-facing seats 4x4 and it has a much better ride and a much bigger cabin though the Thar is better looking both inside and out. Thar is a generation ahead if we look at interiors but the Gurkha makes for a better “family” car in case it is the only car due to more space inside and a plush ride.

Saw a beautiful Gypsy in Olive Green with copper alloys and gave the gentleman in his 60s a thumbs up on the exp way and he grinned like a child at the appreciation from a fellow motorist.

Maybe a Gypsy next or an Amby / Contessa revival project.

Sending it tomorrow to get some beautification at the Mahindra Dealer - a steering wrap, scruff plates, etc.

Happy Motoring!

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