Maruti launches ECSTAR lubricants, coolant & car care brand


Maruti Suzuki has launched ECSTAR - Suzuki's global brand of lubricants, coolant and car care products in India. The range of products on offer includes an injector cleaner, automatic transmission oil, underbody coat and screen wash. More products are expected to be added later. Initially, ECSTAR products will be offered at NEXA service workshops and later at Maruti's 3,000+ workshops across India.

Maruti will source the products from select local suppliers. The company also claims that ECSTAR engine oil goes through more than 20 tests such as high speed tests, friction tests, deposit tests and brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) mapping that measures frictional loss behaviour and efficiency improvement. Over 8,000 hours of engine level testing is followed by 1,60,000 km of vehicle level testing.

ECSTAR was launched by the Suzuki in Japan back in 1984. At present, it is sold in markets across Europe, America, Mexico, Australia and South East Asia.

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