Maruti Suzuki Subscribe introduces pre-fixed buy-back option

Maruti Suzuki Subscribe registered a growth of 292% in FY2022-23.

Maruti Suzuki Subscribe is now offering customers the option of a pre-fixed buy-back price. Customers can avail of a pre-determined buy-back price for their leased vehicle at the end of the subscription tenure.

The buy-back price payable at the end of the subscription tenure will be fixed upfront. According to the company, this will provide greater flexibility to customers to plan and make a more informed decision about retaining the car at the end of the subscription period.

The monthly rental for a Maruti Suzuki vehicle includes the vehicle's ex-showroom price, RTO expenses, Insurance, accessories, vehicle maintenance and roadside assistance. Customers can choose from multiple tenure options and are not required to make a down payment upfront.

The White Plate Subscription with a buy-back option would be available in select cities based on the presence of subscription partners.

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