Maruti's new online job card approval system

Thanks to BHPian Dr.Naren for sharing this information with other enthusiasts.

Maruti Suzuki has introduced a new system to bring more transparency to the process of getting a car serviced. The online system was introduced a few months ago.

Customers receive a digital copy of the job card when their car goes in for service. If there are additional parts to be replaced, the job card is updated, and the owner receives an SMS with an online link, where they can approve or reject the additional jobs or part replacement. 

To access the job card, the customers are required to login using their mobile number. Like any other job card, the digital version lists the part description, quantity and price. Each part can be separately approved or rejected by the customer. Once done, a revised estimate is displayed and the customer receives a call from the service advisor to confirm. Service centres also have the option to upload images of the parts to be replaced.

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