A minor's POV travelling by air on her own: Step-by-step experience

The best part was, instead of the crowded waiting area, we got to sit in a colourful lounge area, where only we were allowed.

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A big thank you for all the responses on this thread, because without reading this thread, I would not have known about this special service at all!

And though I know this thread is only for Tips and advice, I wanted to add a step-by-step journey, using this service, so that you can see it from a Minor's point of view!


The beginning of all flights is at the airport, which is where the journey starts.

We were confused as to where we would go for the verification, and where the staff would come to pick me up! But then we asked a staff member, and he pointed to an office box.


According to which Airport you are using, the location of the office box varies. The flight says the Office box must be from the same airline.

We reached The Office Box (Ours being Vistara) and had to pay Rupees 5,000 for all these services.

After waiting a good 10-15 minutes, The staff came. There was one porter, and one adventure female staff member, who came to collect me, after taking all 4 copies of the form (which you had to print out and bring from home). I said bye to my family, took a photo with the staff, and headed towards an enormous adventure!

At the entrance of the airport, I got my Aadhaar card and flight ticket shown and we progressed inside.

Then, we went towards the baggage check-in area, and instead of checking it in, I got to sit in a comfy chair inside the office area, where the staff sat, and had to wait a great deal, but in about 15 minutes, my bag was checked in, and I was going for security check.

Now, I am sure you are wondering, how can they manage a kid in such a crowd, when they have to do a security check themselves?

Simple! The staff member would do the check with us!

After that, we had to quickly scan our boarding passes and we were free with about 1 hour on our hands. I went for a frappuccino (no coffee) and we left for the boarding gate. The best part was, instead of the crowded waiting area, we got to sit in a colourful Lounge area, where only we were allowed.

The view was amazing!!

Finally, the flight started to board!

We skipped the whole line, and I got a few looks.

We did not enter the plane first but we skipped many people, and finally, we were in the plane.

Though we had booked seat “12A”, they had to move me, because 12A was directly next to the emergency exit.

The flight was smooth and once we landed, they told me to wait after everyone (including wheelchair users) was off the plane.

As I got off 2 people were waiting to escort me to the exit after baggage claim. They took me to the bag carousel, got my bag and in the next five minutes, I met my grandfather outside the airport. They needed his ID and a photo of us.

After that, we were free to go!

I spent one fun (holi) filled week in Delhi, spent with my friends and family and soon enough, it was time for my trip to Bombay.

I left my nanu’s house filled to the brim with excitement and satisfaction. It has been an amazing vacation!

My grandfather and I went to the box office, this time inside the airport, and though it took a lot of time, the female assistant finally came and took me and my suitcase. We headed off to the baggage check-in office, like last time, sat there for 10-15 minutes, got my bag checked in, and then a different staff member came and collected me. we went for a security check and guess what?

For MUA (Minor Un-Accompanied) we had a separate setup area for security check-in!

So we got done with that and, the best part, I got to sit in the ‘VIP Air India Lounge’!

It was lovely! There was even food and drinks! And after that experience, we went to my gate and boarded.

The flight was smooth, and in the end, I had to wait for all the passengers to get off the plane before I could deplane. As I exited the plane, There were 2 staff to escort me out! We went to the baggage claim, and in under 1 minute, I was out of the airport, with my suitcase in hand! I finally spotted my mom in the crowd, took a nice picture, and we were on our way.

As I went home, I realized that there is nothing like home sweet home.

Overall, The service was top-notch!! I loved it and it was one mighty experience.

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