Music Apps to use with Android Auto

Finally, I have a car with Android Auto and being a geek myself, I am trying to get the best out of it.

BHPian abhatt recently shared this with others.

Finally, I have a car with Android Auto and being a geek myself, I am trying to get the best out of it.

Use Cases

  1. Select playlists and songs using the screen to play the songs using your app of preference
  2. Voice search a song or a playlist
  3. Play songs stored on your phone

I am yet to try #3 but some of the apps have an ability to read the local storage and hence I am assuming they would be accessible via #1 in such cases.

I am stuck getting optimal experience with #1 and #2 and hence seeking support from friends here.

Apps Tried: Wynk Music, Gaana, YouTube Music, Spotify, Amazon Music

Phone Used: Google Pixel 4a

Android Version: 11

App Versions: Latest Available

Wynk Music

I am an Airtel user and hence a heavy Wynk user. However, Wynk does not support Android Auto. This was the first setback.

Amazon Music

Since I am an Amazon Prime user, I often using Amazon Music as well. This works really well for Use Case 1. Use Case 2 sucks. Cannot do a voice search using Google Assistant.

YouTube Music

Had never used YT music in the past but thought that since this is "Android" Auto and I am a Pixel user, I should give it a shot. Unfortunately, YT Music does not work on Android Auto if you are not a Premium user which means pay more, which I won't. I was OK with Ads.

Spotify Music

All the major forums I read through suggested this works well and it looks like the majority of the users were US based. I was unable to voice search and since I had never used it before, I don't want to create new playlists unless my voice search gets resolved.


Ganna resolves my voice search issues. Surprisingly, it works really well too. Has support for Android Auto as well. I haven't checked the screen experience but I am sure that would be fine too. Worst thing is that the music is not HD quality. Seriously? That's their way of demanding money for quality.

Now, before I end up paying for a service I wanted to get the feedback from my driving community.

Which app works for you?

Finally, it would be a fantastic help if you can raise your requests on this Tweet. I really would love to see Wynk get the Android Auto support.

Soon, I will start playing with Apple CarPlay.

Feel free to share any other interesting use cases with Android Auto barring Maps and Whatsapp.

Thanks to abhatt again. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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