My 2002 RE Electra hits 1.28L km on the odo: Goes in for service

Currently used only for local errands and at the most a 20 km round trip in morning peak hours once a week.

BHPian tharian recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The Bullet crossed the 1,28,000 km mark this week in peak morning traffic. Co-incidentally, it touched the mark right in front of an Authorized RE Service Center where I was planning on giving my bike when the time came for engine work. Mehboob Garage on Nandi Durg road.

The bike has been running fine and is used sparingly, but when it is used, it is for local errands and at the most a 20 km round trip in morning peak hours once a week. After the last engine oil change, it is only now the engine feels smooth. It was Shell engine oil which I normally avoid on my bike since it wears out quickly due to heat, but the mechanic who serviced it last time had only that. I also used a Wurth fuel additive this time which may have improved the smoothness.

I realized the carb hadn't been removed and cleaned in the last service although I requested him to do so along with a few other things. Anyway, the bike is running fine and I am not bothered about that now most importantly, there are no leaks which was something my bike never had either. The only leak is the head gasket which is very minimal and has been happening over the years.

I am planning to do a ride sometime soon on the outskirts of the city covering Nandi Hills and the new Satellite Ring road by which the bike can see some relaxed cruising apart from the usual traffic runs it does otherwise.

I hit a lakh km on the Odo around April 2014 and it took another 9.5 years to do another 28k km. In contrast, the first 30k km on the bike was done in little more than 3 years.

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