My Toyota Camry TRD V6 completes 5,000 miles; Service Update

All the services up to 20,000 miles are free, which fall under the Toyota Care.

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5000 miles service update:

The odometer stands at 5000 miles. Dropped the car for the first service at Westboro Toyota. It was just a quick service which included rotating tires and topping up all the fluids. The next service is at 10,000 miles. All the services up to 20,000 miles are free, which fall under Toyota Care.

The longest drive until now was to Buffalo, which is 450 miles away from my home. The car was mostly driven in western Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire. It's a delight to drive this car on the twisting roads that are found abundantly in these regions. The handling of this car is amazing, which is unexpected for a family sedan like Camry. The TRD track-tuned front and rear coil springs, shock absorbers and stabilizer bars make it possible. Throw it into any corner at any speed and it never loses its composure. I wish Toyota had given a competent gearbox, which would have made this car perfect.

All the issues that I'm currently facing are related to the abysmal infotainment system. It takes its own sweet time to boot up. It sometimes just never recognizes the phone connected over USB, the system needs to be restarted for the Apple CarPlay to work. The Wi-Fi hotspot never gets automatically enabled most of the time. The Toyota App sometimes just doesn't work. I use the remote start feature in the app to defrost the car in the mornings but sometimes it just never gets connected with the car. Even when it gets connected, most of the requests time out with an HTTP 504 error. Toyota should really step up their game in these areas.

I mostly drive with the windows down in the backroads just to listen to the sweet exhaust note. It's very addictive. Few videos of the exhaust note in various modes:

Few pics of the car that were captured during the various drives:

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