My Aprilia Tuareg 660: Accidental repairs, first service & accessories

I have now moved the high-rev indicator from 6K to 7.5K RPM. This way at least I don't see the annoying flashing indicator when accelerating on open highways.

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1400 Kms Update | Accident Repairs | 1st Service

So it has been a while since my last update. Here are a couple of highlights:

Accident Repairs

Here's a picture of the crack of the tank. The Aprilia dealer said it is kind of hard to imagine that it would break like this if the bike fell on its side. This is the first time they have seen this. On a second note, Aprilia has made some minor improvements to how they mount the tank to avoid such cracks developing, hence it took a while for them to order and receive the updated part.

First Service

Although it was a bit early for the first service, at the time of the bike being damaged it was at 920 Kms. But I did not want to come back to leave the bike in a week or two's time again for a few days for service. So I asked them to do the first service as well.

Though the first service is pretty lightweight, it is basically oil & oil filter change + chain tension correction + general check-up of nuts and bolts. I had asked them to also check for a software update as I had a bit of an issue between 3K-4K RPM where the bike hesitates a bit. This is a generally known issue and is usually resolved with a software update.

When I collected the bike, they had missed doing this plus they also said that since I came in early for the service, the service check light would turn around 1000 Kms and I would need to come into the dealer to have it reset. Though there is no functional impact to having the service check light on, it is just a bit of an eyesore.

As soon as I got the bike back home, I installed the long-pending Hepco & Becker crash bars and Barkbuster handguards. Not seen in the pictures, but I also installed a Puig windshield extension as the stock windscreen has a lot of wind buffeting at high speeds.

However, the weather has been absolutely horrible these last few weeks, it's been yo-yo-ing between cold, and slightly warm with completely unpredictable rain showers. Not my ideal weather to head out, I don't mind the rain, but when it is below 8-9°C it becomes a bit too cold for my taste, I am legally obliged to wear spectacles to ride which fogs up like crazy in this weather (contact lenses were under review so that was a no-go for this period). However, there were brief moments during a weekend or two where the weather gods relented a bit and I could ride around a bit.

The odo stands at a paltry 1400 Kms now after nearly 6 months of ownership. But the bike has been running pretty well so far, too early to say there are any complaints. Loving the way the bike handles itself and delivers power. Staying within legal speed limits so I haven't really reached the limits of the bike, despite it being clamped down to 47HP for the A2 license limits.

Post first service, I move the high-rev indicator from 6K to 7.5K RPM, this way at least I don't see the annoying flashing indicator when accelerating on open highways. However, with the A2 variant, there isn't much use in going beyond 7.5K RPM as the bike isn't making power that high in the powerband anyway. Once I can unlock the bike in August 2025, I will be able to explore a bit more the power range. However, there is ample torque available even now and enough to stay within the legal limits of all the roads I have encountered around here anyway.

Next Service - 10K Kms (I guess I will get there only next year at my current pace)

Next Accessories

I need to get myself some luggage to be able to do more than day trips. Looking at all possible soft bag options, which meet the price-quality-capacity tradeoff well. I need to update the bash plate as well, as the stock one is just a thin aluminium sheet. And once the stock Pirelli STRs wear off, I would need to look at changing over to some real 50/50 tyres if I want to confidently put the bike off the road. The current ones are 70/30 at best, they are excellent on the road, but the moment it is a bit marshy or grassy off-road, they start giving up. Also, need to get a dedicated navigation system as currently, I am using my primary phone with a quad lock mount, but that cannot be a long-term/long-ride option.

PS: For those interested, I do put up once in a while some videos on Instagram of my rides, my handle there is @LoneWolfRides.

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