My Honda City's CVT fails at 56K km, SC asking Rs 4L for replacement

The gear lever was still in D (drive) mode and the engine was running but the car was not moving ahead.

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  • Honda City 1.5 VX CVT 2016
  • Driven 56,500 km

Hi All

Yesterday while driving my Honda City Automatic, the gear stopped responding while the car was in motion. The gear lever was still in D (drive) mode, and the engine was running, but the car was not moving ahead.

Tried shifting the gear to R (reverse) and S (Sport), but the car did not move.

Had to call Whitefield Honda and send the car to them on a tow truck.

Was informed by Whitefield Honda today, the CVT replacement would cost approximately Rs. 4 Lakh.

I am shocked at the Honda CVT failure at 56000 km and the replacement cost!

Is there a workshop in Bangalore that specialises in automatic transmission repairs?

Any leads would be helpful.

Update 1

My vehicle is owner driven, well-maintained & regularly serviced at ASC.

Whitefield Honda did the diagnosis and informed me the test report was not able to identify the issue. Transmission oil was drained and checked. No issues there. Therefore they have recommended replacing the entire transmission unit for approx Rs 4 Lakh.

Hoping to find a competent workshop soon.

Here's what BHPian revsperminute had to say about the matter:

That’s shocking! We too have a Honda City CVT and the car has never skipped a beat. Assuming you have stuck to the maintenance routine, this is just not done. A big draw for Honda and Toyota customers is their car’s reliability quotient/low maintenance requirements. The major reason behind having a City as our urban beater car is its robustness.

For reference, my City has covered >60k kms in 4 years and 10 months braving rain, shine and Bombay roads.

Here's what BHPian lamborghini had to say about the matter:

Try escalating to Honda failing which try and speak to some independent mechanics (check here though do vet them once yourself) for options including procuring a used unit.

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