My Jeep Compass 4x4 diesel: 1.20 lakh km service & other updates

It was 14K+ kms since the last service and so I decided to get the service done little earlier.

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Maintenance Update: Wheel Alignment/Balancing, Pollution Check and Scheduled Service:

Wheel Alignment/Balancing at Madhus:

This was done a day before the service. This was just a regular scheduled check and there were no complaints. During the balancing they said that one tyre requires force matching, and this was done. However, after this force matching the TPMS on the tyre stopped working, it was very strange and they tried fixing it but couldn’t. After checking with the TPMS vendor (Sensairy), this sensor was replaced.

I had a 50% coupon which they had issued during one of the Jeep trails conducted by the Bangalore Jeep Club, so the bill came down to 1K this time.

Overall, it was a very good experience here.

When I reached their place it was raining very heavily and I didn't get out for few minutes. Thankfully the crowd was well managed and they allotted a bay for me immediately.

Pollution check:

I got this done as well as it had expired. Now it is valid for one more year:

1,20,000 Km Service done @ 1,16,253 km:

It was 14K+ kms since the last service and so I decided to get the service done little earlier. It’s the 1,20,000 kms servicing done at 1,16,000 Kms.

As usual I booked the appointment with PPS/MPS Motors, Hosur road and was there by 9:00 AM on the day of the service. The job card was opened as soon as I arrived and an estimate of 13-14K was given for this service. I didn’t point out any issues as I had time constraints and decided to come another day for the issues as they were just minor issues.

Once the job card was opened, I was walking out to the lounge when I came across another Bhpian who had come there for some body work. So, I had some company while Scarlett was getting serviced.

These were the work done during this service:

  • Routine complete checkup / Underbody check
  • Engine Oil/Filter replacement
  • Fuel Filter replacement
  • AC filter
  • Brake Bleeding

Air Filter was ignored this time as I had replaced it recently.

The work got over by 12:00 PM and the bill came to 13,212/-

Here are few pics:

The old oil being drained out:

Fresh new oil:

Now its good for another 15k kms:

After a wash:

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