My KTM Duke 390: Polished the chassis & gave the alloys some TLC

The 390 has this irritating feature where headlights turn off with the kill switch, or they die whenever the bike dies. I've swapped out the standard 60/55W halogen for a 6W LED that sips power so I've wired the headlights directly to the ignition and they work with the bike off and key on.

BHPian SunnyBoi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Right now the only parts that looked bad were the chassis. The color had faded away in lot of sections

They were treated with some polish

This was May 2023 so might as well pose with mayflowers

My front wheel had some slightly significant lip bends. I was planning to change the wheels to the newer 2023 RC390 ones, this way I can get lighter wheels + bigger 320mm rotors. In the meanwhile, my mechanic suggested I get the alloy repaired. Why not? you'll change them anyway. So he did get them fixed - that left paint damage along the rims

To the rescue comes in the shape of a Bisleri Bottle

Wheels touched up

Small photoshoot after the wheels touched up

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