My XUV700 D AT: Comparo with my ex Ford Endeavour & other updates

The automatic transmission on the XUV7OO is much eager to lock the torque converter than the Endeavour – on my daily office commute now there is no unnecessary over-revving.

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Comparison with Endeavour, Software Update, Chrome Strip replacement and DIY DEF filling:

Sold the Endeavour in the second week of Feb. and sharing some observations gathered over 4 months when I had both the XUV7OO and the Endeavour:

  • Twice I had to take the roads less taken in the XUV7OO and once I had to turn back due to fear of getting stuck. There is no substitute for the go-anywhere capability of the Endeavour.
  • Not being able to carry the stroller behind the 3rd row with the entire family on-board is a big issue in the XUV7OO.
  • Drivetrain vibrations in the Endeavour were non-existent while there are some distinct vibrations in the XUV7OO, especially when accelerating from 1500 to 2000 RPM in 2nd gear.
  • The engine of the XUV7OO is a gem and despite the lack of displacement, it gets the job done with lesser downshifts resulting in lower cabin noise.
  • Even the automatic transmission on the XUV7OO is much eager to lock the torque converter than the Endeavour – on my daily office commute now there is no unnecessary over-revving.
  • On-road driving dynamics and comfort of XUV7OO are much better but the suspension noise (primarily from front) over broken tarmac is much higher than the Endeavour.
  • Miss the 8-way adjustment in the driver seat – the ability to adjust the angle of the seat base was a real boon in the Endeavour and helpful on long drives.
  • The stock headlamps of the Endeavour were never even satisfactory while the XUV7OO excels in this area.
  • While the XUV7OO has plethora of features, the usable ones helping in driving like the Auto-dimming IRVM (mentioning it not because of convenience but in evening with IRVM in night mode with the Sunroof Shade open, in the XUV7OO you see the sky above and not what’s behind which was never an issue with the Auto-dimming IRVM in Endeavour – the IRVM in the latter was stable as well on broken roads while in the former it just vibrates crazily giving a blurred image), stable software and the ability to unlock many more customizations in the Endeavour are really missed.
  • 10. FE is quite rewarding and not only the Endeavour, the XUV7OO has till date delivered the best FE of any vehicle owned in last 2 decades (including multiple Scorpio’s). As per FuelIO, average baseline of XUV7OO D AT is 12.69 Kmpl as opposed to 8.15 Kmpl of Endeavour 3.2 AT and 9.54 Kmpl of Hexa 2.2 AT over similar drives while Pajero Sport 4x4 MT had around 8.71 Kmpl when the road network was in pretty bad shape.
  • Miss the larger fuel tank resulting in 800+ Kms of usable range in the Endeavour before the DTE went below 50 Kms triggering a panic. Same route and similar driving in the XUV7OO barely touches the 700 Kms mark before the DTE approaches 50 Kms (could be some calibration issue in the latter as at this point the Diesel fill quantity till auto-cut is around 50 Liters out of 60 where-as in Endeavour it used to take-in around 75 Liters out of 80).

The final shot of both before taken before handing over the Endeavour:

Coming back to the XUV7OO, got a call from dealership for Chrome Strip and took this visit for getting the software update done as well which is supposed to be more stable.

Waiting for the chrome strip replacement:

Since a service camp was running, a through check-up was done free of cost:

Version post the software update:

Regarding DEF filling, the XUV7OO has a 20L DEF tank and for every 10% change in level, it should correspond to 2L DEF. Based on this assumption, I purchased a 6L pack of DEF to be filled a later stage along with a cleaning duster – both of which were having discount during the service camp. For rest of the service items, there was no amount to be paid.

For filling the 6L DEF completely, the level should have been below 70%. While filling the DEF is a pretty straight forward process, added a deep scar to the arm during the process of cutting the packaging to release the spout. Before filling the DEF, the level was 66% and I was completely confused when after filling the level showed 86% - a change of only 20% corresponding to having added 4L DEF only and not 6L. Made a frantic call to the service center and I was advised that it might take time to calculate the correct level. I was not convinced with the reply since when the DEF is filled upto the brim at the service center, the level immediately shows 98% without even starting the Engine. But I had no other option but to wait it out. What’s surprising is that the DEF level starting rising with every drive and over a span 03 days and after driving 58Kms over the Holi holidays, the level maxed out at 94% after which it started falling again.

The DEF pack of 6L:

DEF level before, interim and after:

On a separate note, there was an annoying rattle from the boot which took time to diagnose by myself and was finally evident when the 3rd row seats were opened. Found the 2nd row seat frame cover lying around and am surprised how it got dislodged.

The cover:

Location where it was supposed to be:

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