My Mahindra XUV700: Replacing the brake pads & fixing a GPS issue

For those who were complaining about the misaligned bonnet, it's mostly because of the rubber plugs & can be easily corrected.

BHPian abirnale recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I had to visit the Chrome ASC to get the brake pads checked - they are also running the free monsoon check camp. While being there I also reported an issue related to ICE not getting the GPS fix. And I was curious to see if they have the AWD propeller shaft bolt re-torque to be done on Red Sparkle.

The CoTek and mechanics team were prompt to take the car in and address all issues. The CoTek flashed the TSB-based update to clear all cache from the ICE and reinstall the navigation software with the data. That seems to have fixed the issue related to not getting GPS fix on the MMI maps on ICE.

Generally, when the job card is created, we get to see the mandatory checks/recall instructions or recall actions if any. Red Sparkle did not show anything to do with AWD and Propeller Shaft bolts etc. In fact, zero recalls/service actions. Regardless, I asked the entire underbody to be checked, and all bolts to be re-torqued including the propeller shafts. Checked the front brake pads and they needed to be replaced - it was just about to throw the warning on ICE. See the picture.

The cost of the brake pads is actually Rs. 5770. The same unit I procured a couple of weeks ago was used and the car is ready to roll again. The check on rear pads suggested the life of about 8-10K still left. So the front brake pads worn out in about 17K Kms, the rear will wear out in about 25K kms! That's pretty fast but maybe something to do with my aggressive driving and braking habits.

Another note - I had read some complaints about how the bonnet is misaligned with the uneven gaps at the corners above the headlamp. That's mostly because the below rubber plug, at the corner of the bonnet you can see when opened, is not exactly at the same level on both sides. Just twist and adjust such that both side plugs are equal in height/protruding to touch the body. That will ensure proper alignment without uneven gaps.

I must state again - the Chrome Service center every time goes out of the way to ensure the customers have their undivided attention and focus. not just because I am an old customer but I have seen that with other folks too. My old friend and SA is no more with them (moved out of Bengaluru for greener pastures) and that hasn’t impacted my experience at Chrome. I still love going 20 Kms away from my home in the traffic or by paying Rs. 95 one-way tolls just to ensure that the Red Sparkle gets the best care possible.

A few pics I took last morning when I visited the Shivansamudra Falls: what a beautiful sight it is to see so much water!

Now off for the week and into another weekend to drive the Red Sparkle on the beautiful western ghats of KA. Stay tuned.

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