My new Mahindra XUV700 taken for repairs a day after delivery

The whole windscreen was smashed on the first night of bringing it home.

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AX7 L AWD Delivery and 2 weeks (Almost) ownership experience

This one has been a mixed bag and I really mean it (read on).


Had booked a total of 3 XUV700 from different dealers, 2 on 7/10/21 and 1 on 8th Oct. Surprisingly the one that got delivered was on 8th October.

This one was done through Koncept automobiles Safdarjung enclave.

  • PDI was flawless and the car had run 42 km.
  • The delivery experience was amazing at the dealership end,
  • The insurance quote was matched with a third party and was done through Go digit at their end.
  • The best part about the delivery was that the HSRP number plate arrived the next day after the PDI and full payment, apparently, they said they do not bill the car without it.
  • There was no forcing done for Accessories.

Although the whole delivery had one flaw: While the drive modes were working on the day of PDI, we found out that they were not working on the day of delivery, immediately took the car back to the dealership and they tried to resolve the issue but they could not. They apologized and promised that a technician would be sent to our home the next day. The car was by default on Normal (Zap) Mode.

Took the car for a spin at night on the delivery day fully loaded with 8 family members almost and must say the comfort and experience were amazing. Last row passengers reported more space than an MG Hector Plus they had sat in a while ago.

The Next Morning:

The technician was supposed to arrive at home but circumstances forced us to take the car to the workshop. What happened was one of the worst that can happen to any new car owner.

There is a hospital across our house and we have 4 parking slots to ourselves, 2 on the walls of our home and 2 on the walls of the hospital.

Heartbreakingly what had happened was that a portion of the balcony of the hospital had broken and fell down on the car, the whole windscreen was smashed right on the first night of the car along with dents on the fender and hood. Attaching pictures.

Honestly, we all were feeling like the car had just come for 1 test drive at our house. Anyways it was pretty sad but what was done was done.

The car went to the workshop on the 7th of Feb and the experience was again pretty good.

The workshop people gave ample updates on what was going on, the insurance claim went smoothly, we were initially unsure about getting the hood and the fender repainted as although dent and scratches were quite visible in a closeup they did not pose a big issue. But the workshop people anyways suggested that they ready the car as new and did a prompt job and delivered the car within 2 days with a software update for drive modes, windscreen replaced, bumper and fender dented and painted as good as new

They were even humble enough to attach a new ribbon and gave a big bouquet. Basically recreating the delivery experience. All in all a great experience with after-sales service. They were genuinely empathetic towards the situation and acted accordingly.

But the issues weren't over

Fast forward to the general drive experience over the span of a week, AWD operation is seamless and smooth, the car has no torque steer on the full-throttle as it instantly shifts into AWD mode when given hard throttle so as to keep the traction, The instant torque Distribution is immediately visible on the MID.

This gives a lot of confidence to drive in rains and slippery conditions so I feel AWD drive is a worthy spend. My dad considers SUVs with no form of AWD/4x4 as pseudo SUVs' so that was our first reason to buy the AWD variant, as well as our upcoming Leh Ladakh and Spiti valley drives.

To sum it up the car is a bliss to drive and the suspension is amazing with an extra zing.

The software is another story here. Honestly, I am patient enough to allow Mahindra to make constant updates but I wouldn't recommend anyone who hates any kind of issues in a brand new car to the point where it is a deal-breaker to go for this car at least for another 6 months.

2 days ago, while coming back from Gurgaon everything was working fine I stopped at a red light switched the car off, when I started it the Infotainment screen had gone blank, keep in mind that the car was running on the latest software.

It did not come back on even after doing some 'jugaad' told by the technicians, they had one technician sent to me immediately, again props to the eagerness to resolve issues but sadly he was not able to fix it and had to send the car again to the workshop today. Expecting it back tomorrow.

Now to sum it up my key disappointment's from this latest scenario is:

  1. Car has gone 2 times to the workshop in >2 weeks, which is 100kms round trip from my house at my own expense of diesel.
  2. When I buy a car which costs so much I expect the car to be home niggle free and available to drive at my discretion but here I feel I am able to enjoy the car at the car's own discretion on when it wants.

Attaching the latest pic before handing over the car today.

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