My Skoda Octavia Mk4 gets its 2nd free service: 27,000 km odo update

Make it a point to plan my fuel stops based on the availability of 95-octane petrol.

BHPian pratyush369 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I went to Skoda PPS Okalipuram (BLR) on a Saturday for its 2nd Service. I made a prior appointment and reached the service station before opening time. Service was completed quicker than expected. The car has been great so far, and I only made two requests to check/clean the brake pads and check for new software updates.

Jobs Done:

  1. Full pre-inspection of the car, including the underbody. The SA also checked the glove box, which was replaced under warranty last time. To my relief, there was not even a single scratch/scrape mark under the car a testament to its adequate ground clearance.
  2. Air filters Replaced. (Both Cabin and Intake Filters).
  3. Brake fluid Inspection and replacement.
  4. Engine Oil and Oil Filter replaced.
  5. Brake pad inspection and cleaning using Wurth brake cleaner and compressed air. I was surprised that the brake pad thickness was almost 75% remaining even after running more than 27,000 km.
  6. Vehicle diagnostics was connected to perform a service reset and to check for new software updates. There were no new updates, but I've seen other Octavia (MY23) with different console layouts.
  7. Final Test drive

The total bill was zero because of the service pack, but I paid for the brake cleaner spray. Cost without a service pack is estimated at around 15,000 to 17,000. SA checked with me if wheel balancing and alignment were required, but I refused as I had wheel alignment, balancing, and rotation done a week before the 2nd service appointment.

As usual, after fresh oil in the engine, the car feels like new. The engine is running smoother than ever, and the trigger-like acceleration is more noticeable (Or maybe it's just me). I never get the car washed at ASS and always prefer my trusted car detailing place.

Overall, the ownership experience has been great, and I'm keeping an eye on the issue highlighted by other Octavia owners in the forum. I have only faced one issue so far which is with the memory function of the driver-side seat (A VAG thing), but that is for another post.

If you got the first service done at 6,000 km, 2nd service should be at 6,000+15,000 = 21,000 km. So if the car is currently at the 12,000 km mark then you can complete your trip and then get it done around 20,000 km. But if the car has completed 2 years already then get your 2nd service done before the trip.

I have grown to not take any advice given by the sales representatives as they don't have accurate information. I usually follow the labels present on the car or recommendations in the printed version of the owner's manual.

Based on the label on the fuel lid I always use a minimum of 95 octane fuel.

XP95 is widely available nowadays. I use the Indian Oil app to plan out my trips as XP95's availability is increasing day by day. There is also news of HP's Power being replaced with 95 Octane in all of their stations.

Also please check Team-Bhp's post on Octane ratings here. It mentions the mixing of 91 and 95-octane fuel.

For the MK4 Octavia 2.0 TSI minimum rated fuel is RON95 so it's better to go the extra mile to find the octanes you need.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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