My Swift's 1st highway drive in 5 yrs of ownership: Here's how it went

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I drove around 550 km over the weekend, since I couldn't take my SUV.

BHPian Sheel recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I got my Swift 1.2K ZXi+ 5 years back, but, never drove it on highways for over 100 kms. Thanks to elections & SUVs being targeted, I took the wheels of this to drive some 275 kilometres one way over this weekend. My Swift had barely done 30K over the past 5 years.

Initial 50 kilometres, I had to recalibrate for the flighty feeling because of the build quality, so I was cruising a bit slower (still faster than most traffic), but had not gained confidence. Crossed Siliguri and drove to the hills & jungle area.

While coming back, gained some confidence & had some fun, if I drive it more, will change the tyres to 195s and maybe get some damping done. But, it was fun in its own way, while returning, I was alone, and could have as much fun as I could, safely.

On a few occasions, after 5K RPM, I observed the engine / ECU trying to rev-match, I did this but had not done so on those occasions. While returning on a flat 2-lane highway I was having a blast, though somehow, the brakes, plus, the light feel were diluting the experience.

No pictures, sorry, instead, a small dashcam footage of the drive

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