My Toyota Innova Hycross observations & niggles after 400 km

MID fuel efficiency figure in the city was around 16 - 17 km/l.

BHPian Upgrade recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Even though the car belongs to the first batch of cars (TKIM date 23 Jan 2023), I don't see major niggles so far. Etios, which I bought in the second month 12 years ago, had few rattlings. This one is rattle free.

The car has excellent wind noise control. VX and above have acoustic control windshields which seems to make a difference. Wind noise is very less even at 120 km/h despite the size which was a surprise for me. ZX has IR cut too and therefore should be even better with heat control as well.

Tyre noise insulation is average and you will hear the noise on old roads and concrete tarmac.

The second-row comfort is rated excellent by the family. High-speed cornering and curves and road undulations don't bother much.

After I started driving faster and like my previous sedan now, in the cities the mileage is around 16 to 17 km/l now. It may go a little less in heavy traffic, but should still be more than 15 in the worst traffic conditions too. These are MID figures.

On the highway, the mileage is not going to differ much until the speed of 120 km/h. It was nice to see the car in the green eco range even when cruising above 110. Power range is touched only when you accelerate to reach a particular speed.

Once the car started on the regular mode instead of EV, probably when the battery was not having enough juice. The mileage was around 10 km/l during that 3 km trip.

The paddle shifter is handy and helpful to overtake when you are driving in eco mode.

The service manual says the spark plug replacement is once every 1,00,000 km as against once every 20,000 km that was in my previous cars. That's some saving.

Niggles faced:

  1. The trip mileage showed blank once. It never happened again.
  2. The tank average I had set for the MID got reset once, not sure why.
  3. I am missing the two trip meters that I had in my Etios. I am yet to figure out how to have multiple trips tracked at the same time.

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