My used BMW 630d GT: 34000 km update including highway drive & some TLC

During the return journey, the onboard computer of my 6 Series showed around 13 km/l as the overall fuel efficiency.

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34,000 kms update

Can't believe I've driven her for close to 3500kms since the time I bought her home. After the swap to tubeless tyres, I had recently taken her out on a highway run to Madurai for the New Year break to visit my folks and catch up with some friends. The drive was very comfy, plush and relaxing. The road noise was considerably low, and I could feel the outer front tyre digging into the tarmac on long sweeping corners. Felt quite nice.

Stopped at A2B after Salem, on the way to Madurai

Somewhere on the highway

Parked at a resort, near Madurai

Stop at Dharmapuri A2B on my way back

The return journey was pleasant and brilliant as well. This time, the onboard computer was showing approx 13kmpl as the overall mileage. I ran mostly in Comfort mode and it was a nice drive all through.

After coming back to Bangalore, I got a message from Prashant about the opening of their new outlet in Koramangala. I took the opportunity to pay them a visit as well as get the car a nice wash along with checking the PPF installation. We found a couple of places in the boot area that needed to be given a once over and the area above the BMW emblem needed to be trimmed a bit more. I also got a chance to see the facility, they have complete detailing-related services. Saw an i20 getting a ceramic coat treatment and it looked fabulous in dark colors under those fluorescent lights.

Getting a nice wash

Getting the PPF installation checked, you can see the reflection on the doors and side panels.

All done, back to pristine condition

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