Early morning drive in my Ioniq 5 over Trans Harbour Link 'Atal Setu'

The Ioniq used 17 kWh per 100 km - not as good as in the city but not too bad either.

BHPian Hayek recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Had a fantastic drive on the Atal Setu earlier this morning. For whatever reason, Google Maps is not showing the entrance from the Port Road at Sewri, and hence I went ahead from Parel to Mazagaon and took the freeway. Just that took 20 minutes.

After that, it was super fast -another 20 minutes (excluding an illegal halt to take in the views along with 10-15 other cars) to the end of the Bridge at Chirle, 20 minutes back to Sewri where the exit onto the port road was open and 10 minutes home. All told 1:10 minutes to cover 59 km to and fro. Once the Sewri entrance starts, I will save another 5-7 minutes. Used adaptive cruise control on the Ioniq 5 set at 100 kph - the speed camera said I was cruising at 97 kph (you have 2-3 locations with cameras in a gantry that display your speed). Amazingly, there was no one who passed me through the drive - so obviously everyone is adhering to limits. This is going to be great once the bridge to the expressway is done and even before that, the comfort of driving on this bridge makes the toll worthwhile.

Road surface was superlative, road markings were great, and people were in their lanes at least today. Must admit there were no trucks (barring a tempo with BJP flags) - will become worse once the trucks come in. Plan another drive in the afternoon.

Some snaps from the drive:

The Ioniq used 17 kWh per 100 km - not as good as in the city but not too bad either.

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