My VW Polo: 950 km road trip & 1 year/15,000 km service update

The journey included expressways & hence was quite boring. The only good thing was the car's fuel efficiency.

BHPian sinharishi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took my car for 1 year/15K kms service. Got underbody engine cover installed during the service. Did a short trip to Lucknow over the weekend. It was a boring drive, 950 kms of expressway! The only good thing was the FE. Was doing 90-100 kmph mostly with small bursts to 120 kmph. Did not use CC at all.

The DHC LEDs are too good, I have 6200K on high beam and the throw is just amazing.

Here's what BHPian ais had to say about the matter:

I'm using DHC 4300k. Yet to drive it on the highway at night, but in Mumbai city usage, I can say they are superb. Performance in the rain is flawless. The only niggle is that when in bumper-to-bumper traffic and standstill-crawl, the reflection from the vehicle ahead is glaring even in low beam.

For fog lamps, I've gone for GPNE 3000/6000k switchable LEDs.

Now arranging seat covers in Nappa/Softy leather from Saddles India. Then will take a chance with Bilstein B12 kit, and finally Stage 1 remap (Wolf or Code6- yet to decide - advice welcome).

Will post pictures and details about these later, when all is done.

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