My XUV700 D AT: 2nd service experience, issues addressed & costs

Issue with the front right window was that if the window was pulled down partly and then if close/ up button was used, the pane would still go down all the way instead of going up from midway.

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Second free service:

Took the Orion for second free service on 05-01-2022 after booking a slot through the WYH app.

Apart from the normal jobs related to Second Service, the followings issues were reported by me:

  • Front RHS side window not working properly.
  • Suspension noise at slow speed (gud-gud noise).
  • Faced infotainment sceen blank 3-4 times.
  • ESP sign comes up while crossing humps or culverts.

The change of oil - engine oil was changed promptly and top up of coolant and DEF was done. Later on I noticed that DEF has not been charged in my bill but there was another item MAXIMILE ELITE 250 ML (part details - DFOILELITE025) was appearing in the bill. From @abirnale's thread I learnt that this should be the differential oil.

The Lower Control Arm was dismantled and I was expecting them to change the old one with the new/ improved one. But to my utter surprise they took the pair out, applied some oil / lubricant to the bushes and refixed the old ones as-it-is. The 250ML oil mentioned above may be used here because I never noticed any top-up or changing of the differential oil - I have to check from the service manual the mandatory oil changes. The circular for the new LCA was shared with the CRM on 04-Dec-22. I even talked with the Services In-charge why the LCA is not being changed and showed him the circular of M&M - but at the end of the day nothing was done on this account. I definitely plan to escalate this issue with M&M now for I know for sure that XUV 700 is only built at the Chakan plant and is also prior to the VIN mentioned in the circular (mine is June'22 manufactured) and is therefore eligible for the replacement. In the adjoining bay another White XUV700 was undergoing replacement of the Slave Cylinder. In that car also the mechanic removed the LCA, applied lubrication and fitted it back. I'm not sure this is being done for all XUV700 at the dealership. Today morning I noticed that the gud-gud / dug-dug sound is still there in my car.

On my request, the front brake pads were also checked and I was informed that they are fit to go for now. The dealership neither bothered to do tyre rotation or WA and WB. M&M recommends tyre rotation at every 10K in their manual but not sure why the service centres are not educated enough. In my case the two front tyres were dismantled to access the LCA and it would not have taken much time and effort to do a tyre rotation.

The car was then shifted to the Co-Tek bay for software issues.

The issue with the front RHS window was that if the window was pulled down partly and then if close/ up button was used, the pane would still go down all the way instead of going up from midway. The person dealing with this (he is not the Co-tek and I have seen him there for the first time) tried hard to convince me that this is normal and the pane will go down all the way before it comes up again. There was no point in arguing with an unknown person, but I told him very clearly that I'll make a video and send it to M&M. He then became active, talked with the co-tek, brought out the diagnostic laptop and did some flashing and thereafter the issue was sorted.

Regarding the other software issues i.e. blank screen and ESP issues, he brought a pen drive and did some update including disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it again. What exactly was done and why was not communicated to me but today morning the ESP sign came up again. So apparently, for me, things remain the same.

The SD memory card had to be installed next. I was carrying the SD card from October but somehow due to time constraints it could not installed. Today morning when I requested the Co-tek, he promised to do the job. The whole glove box and part of the panel had to be dismantled to insert the memory card. It is really funny why M&M cannot pre-install a memory card (costing Rs. 1 K - again this is M&M listed price) in a 20-25 Lakh car.

Here is a snap of the dismantled front panel. Notice the Silver Box on the extrme left. The slot for the memory card is between the Silver Box and the panel:

By this, it was already 02:00 PM and so I requested the SA to skip the washing part and prepare my bill. I'm not complaining here, but this is a statement of fact that it took slightly more than one hour to check the tyre pressure and perform test drive (by the shopfloor managers) and release the RO to the SA. I made the payment (bill attached) and came out of the workshop at 03:21 and this is how the MID looked. Notice the ERROR in place of the KM in both places and the HHC sign. The (now famous) HHC sign appeared for the first time in my car:

The bill:

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