Need advice: Booked Scorpio-N but now have thoughts to get the XUV700

My father is looking to buy the 2nd car of his life and he wants it big, because we currently own a ZEN 2005 and as much as he loves it, he doesn't want his 2nd car small as well.

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Hi BHPians,

This is my first ever article here on Team BHP. And the topic for it is the ScorpioN.

So here it goes. My family has booked ScorpioN Z8 Diesel Manual 4X2, one by my dad and one by me, to be able to capture introductory pricing but that still wasn't achieved. The vehicle was test driven and properly looked at in the showroom and it was love at first sight, to say the least, therefore we decided to keep the booking until the new pricing is out. We did get our waiting times a month later, one being expected between July, 2023-August, 2023 and the other between November, 2023 to Jan., 2024. The SA told me that I have the option of canceling any one of the bookings before October 31, 2022.

Now the real doubts that I have are whether I should keep the first booking or the 2nd. As the vehicles are being delivered, various niggles are being uncovered which isn't unexpected but whether they will be solved in the next 5 to 6 months or not is a doubt that remains in my head 24X7. The mileage does bother me but that doesn't matter, because love at first sight as I mentioned before. My dad agrees, although he is a little skeptical too and won't mind switching the option, whether to XUV700 or some other. My opinion is that XUV700 is the only other substitute worthy of attention below 20 lakhs and he does agree again.

My father is looking to buy the 2nd car of his life and he wants it big, because we currently own a ZEN 2005 and as much as he loves it, he doesn't want his 2nd car small as well. This also means that whatever we choose has to be good 10 to 15 years down the lane I.e reliable.

If my fellow BHPians can guide me as to what should be the next step, wait for the earlier delivery 8 months later, 13 months later or switch to XUV 700 AX5(that has to be one of the last case scenarios) or any other options you've got in mind. My dad would like top or 2nd top models because of the safety features and a sunroof(and no, not because of want, but he actually has plans to use it, I've seen him enjoying that in other's cars as well). Also, he loves enthusiastic driving so Grand Vitara was ignored because it's being pointed out as a little dull on the enthusiasm part.

Budget: Below 20 lakhs on road.

Want: Adequately loaded giving the feel of a new car and not just bare bones.

Thank You

Here's what BHPian atluri_rkc had to say on the matter:

Going by the past and looking at the trends on XUV7OO, don't expect the niggles to disappear so soon on Scorpio N - at least not in the time period you are considering. But, Mahindra has been addressing (atleast based on experiences here on the forum) without any excuses and you can expect the same going forward too. I would say trust the brand, believe in their customer service and buy extended warranty to have peace.

There will be a price hike (dealers have been indicating ~40K-50K) on top end variants and there could be one more in the next 5-6 months. Don't forget the repo rate revisions and interest rate could also go up significantly in the next 2 quarters - this impacts your ownership cost if your planning to purchase using bank loans. There is also a possibility of Mahindra rejigging some of the features - just like how they made on XUV7OO. They will definitely consider making Z8L more aspirational by making some features exclusive.

Considering the above, I would suggest to pick the vehicle if you don't have any other constraints.

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