Need Advice: Facing wheel alignment issues on my year old Kia Carens

The tyres don't have uneven tread, nor has the car ever been involved in an accident.

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I am facing a peculiar problem with my year-old Kia Carens. Whenever the SC opens up the tyres, either for wheel balancing or greasing the brake caliper pins during the first service, the wheel alignment goes for a toss. The odometer is at 7k kms; the car has been cautiously driven. The tyres don't have uneven tread, nor has the car ever been involved in an accident.

Kindly advise.

Update: It's the first instance, the wheel has been taken out twice, for routine maintenance and all, and in both instances, the wheel alignment was a bit off, after correction it was alright.

But my question is the wheel alignment should not be affected when the wheels are taken off for balancing or brake pads check and all.

Secondly, I have changed my steel wheel to alloy, I feel that the smoothness in the OEM wheels is not there, I mean I can feel more of the road on the steering wheel. I may be acting too picky here but is this roughness feel normal?

Here's what BHPian AutoNoob had to say on the matter:

Is your vehicle pulling in one direction on all sorts of roads? or is there uneven wear on the front tyres?

If the answer to both the above is no, then there's nothing to worry about. Do not rely too much on the wheel alignment setup at dealerships. They usually are poorly maintained and must be avoided.

In fact, I always recommend not opting for Wheel alignment or balancing at the dealer workshop. If one feels vehicle pulling or vibrations from tires only then alignment or balancing respectively might be required. Go to a reliable tire and wheel shop, they'll have a better setup than dealers as assembling tires/ wheels and balancing is their bread and butter.

Also, it is recommended but not necessary that both alignment and balancing the need to be done together. Alignment corrects the errors in linkages and balancing counters the uneven weight distribution in the tire-wheel assemblies.

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