Need advice: Maruti Ritz petrol stalling automatically while driving

I went to a local mechanic and the scan showed no error codes. He said that till the scan doesn't show some error, there isn't anything he can do.

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Hello all,

I have a Dec'10 Maruti Ritz petrol with 85k on the odometer.

For the past few weeks, I am observing a problem that while driving, the car suddenly stalls on its own. The car starts on its own( pressing the race pedal) when at higher speeds, but at lower speeds, with all the functionalities(steering, brakes, etc) going down, it is quite scary and unsafe.

I went to a local mechanic and the scan showed no error codes. He said that till the scan doesn't show some error, there isn't anything he can do. He said that the problem is with the ECU most probably and advised me to take a new one on rent for a week and then pay the full amount if the problem is not seen again.

He was against getting the wiring checked as he said the mechanic will open the entire car to check all the wiring and it is not worth the effort.

Any advice on what can be the problem?

Here's what BHPian MT_Hyderabad had to say on the matter:

Start with the battery first. Disconnect all battery connections and reconnect and see if it resolves the issue. Secondly, sometimes just the age of battery gives a clue. What is its age? Anything more than 2 years may be one of the reasons for these issues. Most SVCs have a battery checking gauge which could prove helpful.

If battery is not the issue, check the sensor connections on the sensor located near the throttle body. I don't know what it is called.

You may also check if the spark plugs need replacement.

Here's what BHPian vaasu had to say on the matter:

I would recommend going to the Maruti workshop and getting it scanned using SDT, assuming your mechanic used a generic scanner.

However, the erratic stalling symptoms are very similar to issues faced by my friend with his DZire of the same vintage. I do not remember he mentioning about any error codes, but he had to ultimately replace his ECU to resolve this problem.

Here's what BHPian Jeroen had to say on the matter:

These random problems can be tricky to diagnose. As Vaasu mentioned, get it scanned with a proper scanner, not a generic one.

Personally, I doubt it is the ECU. But it could be a simple bad connector or connection. Or a crank- or camshaft sensor going wonky. As long as the fault remain intermittent it’s unlikely a check on the sensor would show anything. But it might have thrown an error, but you most likely need a brand specific reader to see it.

So, check all electrical connection for corrosion, tightness, if not replace the sensor(s). Good luck.


Here's what BHPian alexpaul had to say on the matter:

I had a similar problem of the car (Ritz Diesel) losing power immediately and stalling in middle of the drive. This occurred multiple times and I had the battery changed as well.

However, the last incident that occurred was near the Maruti showroom service center and the service personnel diagnosed it to relay fuse problem in the fuse box. He changed it and this stalling issue never occurred till date.

Please check with this solution and see if it works for you as well.

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