Need suggestions: Sprucing up my 2 year old Maruti S-Presso

Even the Brezza automatic which costs more than twice as much has the same touch screen, pedals and the dashboard seems to be of similar quality only.

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I am planning to do the following on my 2-year-old S-Presso. Please let me know your thoughts:

  • Bonnet insulation with fireproof sound damping sheet - Possible according to my accessories store. But, will it reduce engine noise inside the cabin?
  • All four doors and boot damping with sound deadening sheets - Possible. But again, how much noise reduction can we expect with those wafer-thin window glasses?
  • Added firewall insulation - Not possible. Has anyone done this?
  • Wheel well cladding for rear wheels - Not possible. This is the single most annoying thing about this car. Every time you go over a gravelly road, the noise of stones hitting the wheel well is infuriating. I have done anti-rust coating thinking it might reduce the noise - but noise reduction if any is barely noticeable.Floor lamination - The accessory guy told me there won't be much noise reduction but I can select the thickest material available.
  • Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do to reduce interior noise.

I am also considering the following MGA accessories:

  • Wheel arc cladding - But I see many S-pressos with missing cladding in one wheel. Seems like it's of very poor quality and might fall off within a year. Please let me know y our experience on this.
  • Chrome rings on the front grill - Same question as before - will it last?
  • Spoiler - Always wanted it.
  • Door sill guard - To avoid scratching the exposed paint.
  • Body side molding - the small one with silver accents. The big black one doesn't seem to gel well with the blue colour of the car.

When I bought the car, I was planning to sell it within a year. But here I am - two years later and trying to spruce up the car. It certainly grows on you over time and the practicality for a small family is just unmatched at this price point. Even the Brezza automatic which costs more than twice as much has the same touch screen, pedals and the dashboard seems to be of similar quality only. The steering wheel and the switchgear are also eerily similar. I am having a tough time justifying anything within MSIL over this car given the current price points with zero offers. This is an extreme VFM car, if you can get over the looks.

Here's what BHPian Dr.Abhi had to say on the matter:

I am also on the verge of buying an S presso because of its off road credentials but was put off by its engine noise. So I am waiting for its dualjet engine variant, as it seems its engine noise will be less (dualjet Maruti engines are comparatively more refined).

In the meantime I checked various options for firewall insulation with these criterion in my mind:

  • The material should not be flammable.
  • The material should stick well and remain stuck after enduring tough engine bay environment.
  • Obviously the material should be a good sound barrier.

I came across this material on Amazon.

I bought one roll of that 'alp nitrile insulation ecotape' (which mentions that it is fire retardant) and found that the sticking power of the tape is brilliant on metallic surface.

The tape doesn't promote combustion and extinguishes without undergoing combustion.

I stuck the tape on a metallic surface which is exposed to direct sun, and the tape is doing well since last two months.

The last but main point left to be checked is its sound insulating capability, but for that I don't have a car.

The tape is only 3 mm thick, but you can layer one over another as it sticks with itself also.

Hope that this research help you in some way.

Here's what BHPian abhinav.s had to say on the matter:

Don't own an S-Presso but a few thoughts below:

Bonnet insulation is possible with damping sheets available at accessories store and have it done in my diesel Seltos. There is certainly a difference when you are not revving the car. While revving too there is at least a 40% decrease in engine sound in the cabin.

Along with the doors, get the front and rear fenders damped with sound deadening sheets and while at it, use really good quality sound damping sheets and not an accessories stores recommended one. Fellow Bhpian LeoSashi has got a full damping done for his XL6. You can head over to his thread for pointers on how it is done and different brands available in the market.

Damp the entire floor instead with sound damping sheets. That will certainly ensure lower noise in the interior. Again do a cost vs. benefit analysis and then take a call.

Also, instead of MGA accessories, look for similar but more durable accessories in the known shops as it will work out cheaper or you might end up with better quality items.

Here's what BHPian romeomidhun had to say on the matter:

I won't recommend too many loud additions to a car. You can make all subtle touches that will give a refreshed look for an older car, but anything beyond that, is a strict no for me.

Eg: Adding an alloy wheel, a neat black/gray/light colored seat cover and steering wheel cover, some black plastic cladding around the body (as scratch guard and to enhance the looks), a subtle rear spoiler etc can freshen up the car. But please do that in a phased manner - add the alloy now, seat cover after 1 year... so that these periodic updates will keep your interest in the car alive.

Anything else like Chrome rings on the front grill, flashy red colored inserts on seat covers, steering wheel and gear levers, chrome mirrors, chrome surroundings for the tail lamps, unnecessary LED additions, extra big and wide wheels etc are not my cup of tea. And the resale value may go down as well, as many people may not be interested in those flashy things.

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