New Bentley EV to debut in 2025; will phase-out IC-engines

An all-new Bentley electric SUV is in the works. The luxury car maker will debut its first EV in 2025, phasing out IC-engines in the process.

Bentley is said to be working on its first fully electric vehicle, which will come in the form of an SUV. According to media reports, the arrival of the all-new Bentley electric SUV will mark the brand's transition to an EV-only luxury car brand, phasing out IC-engines completely in the process.

Reports suggest that Bentley will collaborate with Audi for its first EV, scheduled to debut in 2025. The all-new electric SUV from Bentley will make use of the Volkswagen Group's Artemis platform, which is spearheaded by the German carmaker.

Bentley also states that while EVs do have weight concerns, the rapid advancement in technology by 2025 will allow them to make their EVs lighter and more aerodynamic.

Ahead of its fully-electric SUV debut in 2025, Bentley is also said to introduce plug-in hybrid versions of its Flying Spur and Continental GT. These models are expected to arrive by late-2021.


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