New trend - luxury car makers are dropping fog lamps

The headlights of new luxury cars are claimed to be good enough for the driver to see road markings even in foggy conditions and hence, manufacturers have started omitting fog lamps. We can bet that this trend is certain to make it to mainstream cars shortly.

Luxury car makers are dropping fog lamps

Over the years, various features that were common in cars, have disappeared. Now, another item can be added to the list. Vehicles from many luxury carmakers are no longer coming with fog lamps.

These lights, which used to be housed low in the front bumper, are no longer considered necessary in new cars. According to carmakers, headlamps of new cars feature technology that makes them a lot better than those found in older cars. This illumination provided is far superior and eliminates the need to have separate fog lamps.

Fog lights alone do not provide adequate illumination for night driving. However, as they are placed low in the bumper, they light up the road beneath the fog. They do not shine into the fog and reflect off it. This helps the driver spot road markings such as painted lines while driving in foggy conditions and keep the car from running off the road. Headlamps, on the other hand, don’t penetrate fog and instead, reflect back towards the driver. A less important use of fog lamps is that they do improve the look of a car.

That said, fog is not common in most places and at other places, occurs only seasonally. This means that fog lamps are not required regularly. Even in foggy conditions, to prevent accidents, one has to be driving very slowly as the throw of the light from the fog lamps is very short.

In luxury cars, the space that was occupied by fog lamps is being used to house other features such as daytime running lights, cornering lamps and sensors for radar guided safety technology. The headlights of the cars are claimed to be good enough for the driver to see road markings even in foggy conditions.

Here are some cars available in India that have lost their fog lamps either with a facelift or a change of generation.

1. Mercedes C-Class:

While the W204 C-Class came with fog lamps...

...the W205 did not:

2. Mercedes E-Class:

The W211 E-Class had fog lamps...

...while the W212 got daytime running lights on its bumper:

3. Mercedes S-Class:

The W221 Mercedes S-Class was the last generation of the great car to come with fog lamps:

The W222 does not get fog lamps:

4. Range Rover:

In 2016, the Range Rover had fog lamps...

...while the 2019 Vogue that we drove, didn't:

5. BMW 3-Series:

The regular 3-Series has fog lamps...

...but the Gran Limousine we tested earlier this year, doesn't:

6. BMW 7-Series:

The G11 BMW 7-Series had fog lamps when it was launched...

...but in the 2019 facelift, they were gone:

7. Audi Q3:

The Q3 came with fog lamps when it was launched:

With the introduction of the facelift in 2015, the fog lamps disappeared:

8. Audi Q5:

The first generation Audi Q5 had round fog lamps, but...

...the second generation model doesn't have any:

9. Audi Q7:

The Audi Q7 had fog lamps while in its first generation:

The second generation car does not get fog lamps:

10. Jaguar XE:

The Jaguar XE never came with fog lamps:

We have already seen that the trend of adding or deleting features starts with luxury cars and, with time, flows down to mainstream vehicles. We can bet that this trend of omission of fog lamps is certain to make it to regular cars shortly.

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