No dedicated slot for HSRP on my new VW Taigun: Here's how I did it

The Taigun has no arrangements to fix number plates using rivets / screws on the front bumper.

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Hey folks,

I got my Volkswagen Taigun on 24th March. Since I got the car from a dealer in UP, and had to get it registered from Haryana RTO, I took the self-registration route and got the car from the showroom with a temporary registration plate (or number).

As the dealers are not allowed to deliver cars without a HSRP, they did not have any sort of number plate to write and fix the temporary registration number on my car. So they printed the number on a piece of paper, and stick it using a transparent tape on the cars front and rear bumpers.

As having a piece of paper as a number plate is illegal, we drove home, performed rituals and next day, I got the temporary number on a white cardboard 'plate' from a local shop. Since there were no arrangements to fix/screw the number plates on the front bumper, he used a double-sided tape to fix the front number plate, and fixed the rear one using screws (as there was arrangements to fix screws there).

To be clear, the temporary number that was allotted was the new series or the new way that has been implemented by the Indian RTOs. It's valid for 6 months. It costed me Rs. 2,100 for getting the car temporarily registered from Noida, UP.

How does the number look like?


T - Temporary Registration

XX - Month the car was registered (For January, it will be 01; For December, 12)

YY - Last two digits of the year the car was registered (22 for 2022; 21 for 2021)

AA - Standard state code (DL for Delhi, UP for Uttar Pradesh)

ZZZZ - any random number assigned, which is used at mall parkings or just like any 4 digit number

LL - Any letter combination that denotes the series of the temporary number plate

For instance, car was bought from Haryana in Feb. 2021, the number plate will look something like: T0221HR1234A

Police doesn't stop anyone with this number plate, as it's valid for 6 months and they are well aware.

I got my number last week, and got the number plates after 5 days. Since going to the dealer to get the plates fixed would've been a task, they got it delivered to my place.

I went to the same place from where I got my temporary number plates. They fixed the rear number plate without any issue. Now since, getting a number plate fixed from the dealer or some good workshop is different and convenient because you don't really have to see the process.

The Taigun has no arrangements to fix number plates using rivets / screws on the front bumper. This is how it got fixed:

1. Took out the temporary number plate that was fixed using double-sided tape.

This is how the bumper actually looks on the Taigun. Note that it doesn't have ANY place for screws.

This is how the bumper looks on any other car having a place for screws.

2. Number plate was held against the bumper, and points were marked to make holes. Drill machine was used to make holes through the bumper and number plate at the same time (I smiled in pain seeing that happen). After holes were made on both sides, the number plate was riveted.

Since, I could not find a post mentioning any of this, I thought I'd write about this here. Drilling holes on bumper seems pretty okay, but if someone hasn't really seen this happen or has to do it without a skilled mechanic, maybe they can get some help from the above post.


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