Paint mismatch despite being done at authorised workshop: Disappointed

We were assured the difference would settle in a month, however, it's now been several.

BHPian adi58 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Opting for the authorized Honda Workshop, Solitaire Honda, instead of local body shops, and paying a premium due to our trust in the Honda brand, we were assured that the colour difference would settle within a month. However, it's been several months now, and the issue persists. It's disappointing to discover that the quality of service at the Honda workshop has deteriorated to such an extent.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

For all the bad press that black-coloured cars (or very dark blue) receive, they are the easiest to colour match, no matter what the age of the car.

I've gotten panels repainted on 4 of my very dark-coloured cars (Classic 4x4, C220, 530d, Indigo) and it was impossible to tell. Of course, your existing paint has to be well-kept and detailed periodically for best results.

I love black cars.

Here's what BHPian saket77 had to say on the matter:

Unfortunately the difference in result you see is due to oxidation of old paint.

Also, paint match - batch to batch is never 100% and it is more noticeable in some shades than others. You may try pepping up the old paint with some polish. Or if you are very particular, get the old panels painted. Otherwise, I don't see an option other than living with it. The new paint will slightly get closer to the old shade for sure after it oxidizes living in the natural environment but don't expect a 100% or even 99% match.

Here's what BHPian poloman had to say on the matter:

That is a totally shoddy job. The task of paint matching is with the paint booth not with the customer. They should not blindly go by paint code. But physically match the colour of the adjacent panels while mixing the colour. FNGs normally take out the fuel lid and take it to paint mixers for paint matching. Looks like the Honda dealer just sprayed some paint just matching the color code of the original paint.

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