Planning to open a motorcycle dealership but have no prior experience

I am presented with a very luring opportunity but I don't know whether it'd be a profitable venture for me or not.

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Hi guys,

I had been planning to venture into the Motorcycle Retail business for a long time and fortunately, I am presented with a very luring opportunity. So, I plan to apply for an authorised dealership of a major motorcycle company in the Gurugram district of Haryana, but with no prior experience in this field, I want to do a thorough market analysis for the same and establish proposal metrics, i.e, whether it would be a profitable venture for me.

So, please guide me in the methods/ways that I should use for the analysis and where to get the data from (like regarding motorcycle sales of my district for this particular brand).

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The best analysis & research you can do is this = get a job in an existing motorcycle dealership. Trust me, even working for 2 years in the same business will be like an "MBA" in the dealership business (if not a PhD). It is an extremely capital-intensive & labour-intensive business, with many challenges in terms of logistics, marketing etc.

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Don't open a dealership with zero experience. It'll be like flying a plane without going to flight school. Again, working in a dealership will give you invaluable experience & knowledge, and probably save you lakhs / crores of rupees.

The brand itself will provide this data to you.

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