Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used BMW 3-Series

After the stiff-riding, cramped & heavy-steering E90 came this F30 which was far easier to live with. But like the E60 -> F10 transition, BMW "softened" the F30 too. The car did well in India & many BHPians have lapped up new / pre-worshipped ones. 

• A fun-to-drive RWD BMW that can be had for Hyundai Creta money
• Looks great & is a very competent sedan, even by current standards
• Two fantastic engine options; the practical 320d & the high-revving 328i
• Phenomenal 8-speed gearbox is fast & smooth
• Good ride quality & comfort
• Rear seat space was noticeably improved over the cramped E90
• Features like the iDrive, memory seats, head-up display, nice sound system etc.
• 5-star safety rating & equipment
• BMW's excellent long-term reliability
• If you buy a recent car, you can extend the warranty upto 6 years!

• Rear suspension feels too soft under hard driving
• No spare wheel or even space for one! Placing a spare chews away cargo room from the small boot
• Electric steering isn't to an enthusiast's tastes. Not a true BMW steering
• Spare parts can be eye-wateringly expensive to buy
• You need a good independent mechanic to maintain one (authorised workshops too pricey)
• BMW's 2.0L diesel is more clattery / noisy than you'd expect in a luxury car
• Used F10 5-Series are priced not so far away
• Some features missing (folding rear seat, adjustable lumbar support, front parking sensors, cruise control, height adjustable seatbelts)
• Back seat lacks under-thigh support for tall passengers

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Mod Potential:

Exceptional! A popular model worldwide, hence there is ample parts & technical support for mods. You could even fix the soft rear suspension from the after-market.
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Very good, as the 3-Series is a volume seller by luxury car standards. Check out some of the examples on sale here.

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