Rattling noise in the Tata Altroz: My fix to the common issue

The Tata Motors team came around and said that this sound is present in all cars, however, the intensity varies.

BHPian Archer797 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A lot of Altroz owners might be experiencing a rattling (kirr-kirr) sound from the left-hand side portion of the bonnet area. Some of us raised it with the Tata team and we are going back and forth with them. At some point, the Tata team came around and said that this sound is present in all cars and the intensity of it varies from car to car. In other words either they had no clue what was causing the issue or did not want to invest time/resource to fix it.

Some of us started working on this and identified the issue to be largely due to the rattling of the counterweight attached to the shift linkage assembly (gearbox).

I went ahead and tried to fix it at home with stuff found at home and managed to stop the rattle and fix the issue for good. A lot of owners have applied this and found the issue to be gone for good.

Some owners still are hearing some rattle and the same are largely due to other issues possibly in the dashboard area (which some of us are investigating). Some owners have reported that opening the glove box stops this residual rattles. We are still investigating it and will find a way to address it.

Wanted to share this here to ensure all affected owners can do this and ensure you have a quieter ride on higher gears.

Please refer below images & attached videos for the details.

Here is the Before & After video for the rattling issue on the Tata Altroz.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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