Replacing headlamp bulbs on my 40,000 km run Ford Aspire

I still regret not removing the Philips Xtreme Vision Plus bulbs from my dad's Maruti Swift before we sold it.

BHPian tharian recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Replaced the headlamp bulbs to that of a yellow-tinged set. The previous ones were quite old and from a 2005 Swift spare set.

Prior to that, I was running the Philips Xtreme vision bulbs and once I got the reflector replaced under warranty because of the known issue of the burn mark around the bulb, I went back to the stock bulbs.

These yellow ones are stock rating as well and were on my Interceptor on which I replaced them with an LED one. So I decided to go for full yellow on the car since I had a set of two and the foglamps are yellow-tinged bulbs too.

Not much difference in terms of brightness or illumination, but different.

After a good wash

The yellow is not prominent on both the fog and headlamps.

After fitting the yellow-tinged bulbs, I had to do a night drive from Whitefield back home in peak traffic and realized they as are good as a 40W bulb at home.

I had some H4 bulbs lying around of different makes, but all 60/55w. I still regret not removing the Philips Xtreme Vision Plus from my dad's Swift before we sold it. That was genuinely the only 60/55w bulbs that were brighter than stock.

So I replaced the yellow ones with an OSRAM set that I had which worked out brighter than the previous set I had before the yellow bulbs. I have around ten H4 bulbs lying around and have no idea how I ended up with so many.

After fitting the bulbs and checking them against a wall in the front I realized the alignment was different between the left and right ones and also realized only the left headlamp motor was working for the headlamp levelling. Now the right side is around 6 inches higher than the left when parked facing a wall and gets more apart on the road. I didn't notice the difference earlier and neither realized the headlamp leveller on the right side did not work, but now I think it was probably damaged and the headlamp not fitted properly when I got the headlamps replaced a few years ago under warranty for the reflector burning issue.

The rearview camera quit working all of a sudden as well which I need to get fixed along with the headlamp for the next service which I am planning at Engineering Exponant.

Car has hit 40,000 kms.

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