Royal Enfield Himalayan 450: Initial impressions of a Hunter 350 owner

It's notably larger than its predecessor, and even seems a tad bigger than the 390adv

BHPian kaushalswarup recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

As someone who’s passionate about motorcycles, having previously ridden the Himalayan BS4 and currently enjoying the Hunter 350, I recently had the pleasure of test-riding the new Himalayan. This experience was particularly intriguing as I'm contemplating an upgrade, with the 390adv being a key consideration.

Initial Impressions and Comparisons:
The new Himalayan makes a striking first impression. It's notably larger than its predecessor, and even seems a tad bigger than the 390adv, thanks to its imposing 21” front wheel. The increased bulk is noticeable, and it takes a bit of getting used to.

Rider Comfort and Ergonomics:
At 173cm, I found the ergonomics to be quite accommodating. The seating is comfortable, though a more contoured front would have been ideal. The handlebars and console are well-placed, ensuring a pleasant and unobstructed riding experience.

Engine and Performance:
The Sherpa 450 engine is a compact powerhouse. Its linear power delivery starts picking up noticeably around 2.5-3k rpm. The performance is smooth and predictable, a characteristic vital for both city commutes and long rides.

Handling and Control:
Handling is an area where the new Himalayan truly shines. The suspension efficiently absorbs bumps, promising a smooth ride. The balance between comfort and sporty handling needs to be seen through further test rides.

One aspect that stood out was the vibration in the handlebars, tank, and pegs. While this is somewhat expected from a single-cylinder engine, its impact on long rides remains to be seen.

A Concerning Observation:
A slight delay in throttle response was noticeable during the ride. From the time I twisted the throttle, to the time the bike responded, there was a noticeable lag. This lag, though minor, could be a point of concern, especially for riders who value immediate feedback from their machine.

Final Thoughts:
In summary, the new Himalayan represents a significant upgrade from its predecessor. It promises to be a reliable companion for long highway tours and is well-equipped to handle rough terrains and trails. However, its suitability for aggressive off-roading and high-speed highway riding would require further test rides.

I wanted to know if others have experienced the throttle issue I mentioned.

It’s great that RE has the bike ready for test rides soon after the release!

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