SainikPod Sit & Go rolls out Electric Nano cabs in Bangalore

It is an app-free mobility service managed by ex-servicemen.

Motherpod Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has launched India's first ex-servicemen managed all-electric cab service called SainikPod Sit & Go in Bangalore.

SainikPod Sit & Go is an app-free mobility service aimed at those who find app-based ride-hailing services cumbersome and time-consuming.

The service uses all-electric Nanos built by Electra EV. The cars are equipped with a rooftop indicator. All one needs to do is flag down a car with a green rooftop indicator. To start the ride, the passenger has to give a missed call to a number provided in the vehicle.

SainikPod Sit & Go claims to offer a safer riding experience for passengers, healthier and pollution-free rides and follows stringent sanitisation protocols.

The cars are fitted with an acrylic partition, Smart Meter to help track the vehicle, a Panic Button and Speed Governor.

Motherpod plans to set up a network of charging stations for its fleet of electric Nano cabs. Currently, the cars can travel up to 120 km on a single charge.

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