SA's advice on refilling Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) on an XUV700

DEF levels can drastically come down if driving within the city and hence require close monitoring.

BHPian Piyush_DT recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Visited Service centre after 1st service.

The DEF was at 64% with 5818 KMs. As I have to travel in the next 02 days the service manager recommended refilling the DEF prior. He checked the soot value and it was 22,000. Engine regen was performed for 45 mins which could only be performed by connecting the laptop if it's not flagged by the Car. The Regen light would be automatically ON if the soot value is at 30,000 so I was right on time. The service manager strictly told me not to put any other DEF other than MaxiClean. It seems there were instances where DEF was filled from outside and they had faced issues. According to him, there should be some percentage of urea which is required and that was not checked properly prior to refiling it. He suggested keeping DEF along so that so it can be top-up. I bought below 6L DEF and pipe to refill and would be keeping it for emergencies. As per the service engineer, DEF levels can drastically come down if driving is within the city and hence close monitoring is required.

Also, last week I got a hill hold error after refuelling Diesel. I showed him the snapshot and the software update was performed. After the update, I can set the profile properly.

Overall it was a good experience and was out of the showroom in approximately 2.5 hours. It seems the last strong feedback was taken seriously at Provincial Mahindra at Nagpur.

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