Scania India in big trouble


Over the last few months, Scania has been reportedly winding down its operations in India. A recent media report suggests that the Swedish CV maker could be shutting down its ethanol and premium bus manufacturing facility at Narsapur in Karnataka and may have cancelled its proposed project in Thane. The company has also stopped its operations in Goa and has relieved majority of its workforce. 

In Nagpur, Scania had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to setup a biogas plant and launch 25 biogas-powered buses in the city. Out of the two proposed biogas plants, one is currently in operation and the other is in its commissioning phase. Further, Scania was supposed to operate 55 ethanol buses in the city out of which only 25 are currently on the roads, while the rest have been parked on the outskirts of the city.

In Goa, Scania had launched two ethanol and one biogas-powered bus, neither of which have been operational for more than 2 months. As per the original plan, the company was supposed to launch 60 ethanol and 70 biogas-powered buses in the state.

The company had also secured a contract to operate 50 eco-friendly buses in Thane. It has been reported that Scania has pulled out of this project as well.

Source: TOI

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