Should I sell my Tucson or S-Cross to upgrade from Ninja 300 to an ADV

Our Skoda Octavia is absolutely not for sale anytime soon. It is the car that is unanimously loved by everyone in the family.

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Hello BHPians.

So I will start with the garage so that you get a fair idea: 2016 Kawasaki Ninja 300 (15k kms), 2017 Scross 1.6 with stage 1 wolf remap (75k kms), 2018 Hyundai Tucson AWD (70k kms), 2020 Skoda Octavia TDI DSG L&K (50k kms), 2022 RE Meteor 350 (2.5k km).

These vehicles are shared between my parents and myself and one car and one bike is used by me and my wife and two cars and one bike stay with my parents. Both my wife and myself and my dad loves road trips and that is quite evident by the choice of our cars and the kms we have run. I am a govt employee and am located in the north, quite far from my house in Kerala and we do a north-south and back road trip at least once a year.

Currently, I am using the Tucson and the Ninja and my parents are using the Octavia and the Scross wherein all the longer trips are done in the Octavia and the Scross is used for only short trips.

In the coming two to three years, my wife and I are planning to move abroad and that means we will definitely have to reduce the size of our garage.

I hope I have explained the present situation as clearly as possible.


  • I want to upgrade from the Ninja 300 to an adv because it is absolutely uncomfortable for my wife for even moderate-distance rides. However, both me and my wife agree that it will be done by sacrificing one of the cars (and of course the Ninja 300) as we do not want to put in fresh money as we will be moving abroad and as such, we will have to sell one of the cars! We are looking at a new Versys 650 or something used in that price range.
  • The Tucson is the least favoured car in our garage primarily because of its relatively low fuel efficiency and my mom gets road sickness inside it because of Hyundai's claustrophobic design in the rear and the low-set front passenger seat which cannot be adjusted. From a driver's point of view for my dad and self, it is the least engaging to drive. Don't get me wrong, it is a wonderful car, however, it cannot match the Octavia in anything other than ground clearance and rear seat comfort (yes it has more comfortable reclinable seats at the rear, but high window line and low set seats which make it a problem for claustrophobic people. I like the Tucson rear seats more than Octavia and so does my dad. However, we rarely sit in the rear!).
  • However, as I tried to sell the Tucson, I realized that it has barely any resale value in north India (my Tucson is HP registered) and transferring to the south will increase the costs significantly. For the price we were getting, it did not make sense to sell it. It even has an extended warranty till Sep 2023, but no one cares!
  • The next choice was the Scross. The 1.6 has a pretty good demand amongst the enthusiasts out there and the Scross ads got us quite a lot of enquiries and a few deals are almost in the pipeline. However, my only problem with selling the Scross is this: "IT WOULD BE THE LAST GOOD TO DRIVE MANUAL CAR THAT I OWNED!" I love driving manuals, but not for very long trips.
  • The Octavia is absolutely not for sale anytime soon. It is the car that is unanimously loved by everyone in the family and outside the family and anyone who has ever travelled or driven it. The only cars that equally satisfies the drivers, the passengers, the one who packs a lot, the safety conscious, the ones who love quality interiors, the fuel efficiency conscious and when required, the performance conscious people.

We were also looking for a good car to upgrade from the Tucson, however unable to find anything below 50 lakhs and therefore I do not think it will be possible. We have left this idea.

So the query is how do I go about the upgrade?

Should I sell the Scross and get a bike or should I keep the car and manage money from other sources?

What is a good upgrade from the Tucson? AWD is not a requirement. We did check out the Hycross, but the interiors put me off.

Here are the permutations and combinations that I worked out:

  • Sell the cross, get the bike, use it and sell both the Tucson and the bike when we move abroad and with that money, get a small car for my parents. In this case, till we move abroad, the Octavia will have to handle the entire four-wheeler workload in the house which is not an issue. However, any small car that we get is not going to match the driving pleasure of the Scross.
  • Keep the Scross, get the bike on EMIs, Sell the bike and Tucson and pay off the remaining loan as we move abroad. In this way, I will be able to retain my only manual car in the garage. However, the same cannot be done immediately as that would mean using the Cross as my primary car for the next two years which is not possible.

I am confused and would love to hear suggestions from fellow BHPians. I have seen countless threads wherein people are finding it hard to upgrade their cars, but here I am with 3 cars which are very very hard to upgrade from!

Here's what BHPian Aditya had to say about the matter:

If you cannot use the S-Cross as your primary car for the next two years, then there is no debate here. That said, I'd prefer to sell the Tucson as you already have the Octavia for longer drives. The S-Cross should serve you well. Get the bike and if need be, sell off the S-Cross when you leave India. The Tucson will fetch you even less in years to come. The S-Cross will hold its value better.

Here's what BHPian Aakash118 had to say about the matter:

You are supposed to sell the Tucson after two years when moving abroad, so why will you need to use the Cross for two years?

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