Skoda Kushaq 1.0 TSI: Observations after a 1300km roadtrip

There's an approximate 10% reduction in quality of parts used; doors are not as heavy as my Polo but they are more than decent-better than the Honda Brio we upgraded from.

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Did a 1300+ KMs trip from Gandhinagar, Gujarat to Lucknow, UP last week on our Kushaq 1L MT. Car performed really well throughout the stretch and returned a health mileage of 17 KMPL (tank to tank) for the entire route.

Few observations:

  • TSI technology definitely punches above its weight, 1L never feels it is out of breath. Sure turbo lag is present, but once you reach 1800-2000 rpm it pulls well.
  • Approx 10% reduction in quality of parts used, doors are not as heavy as my Polo but they are more than decent-better than Honda Brio/Amaze (we upgraded from Honda brio so the comparison). Door thuds are still good.
  • For a turbo petrol, mileage returned was good. We were cruising on expressway stretches at 110-115 before that annoying 120 speed warning starts singing.
  • Boot space might look small on paper but is very usable-feels more than Creta/Seltos. Loading lip is a bit higher which might be a concern for lifting heavy luggage out.
  • I found the handling to be better for most of the part, stance of the car is more car like than a forcefully raised hatchback.
  • Rear seats are very comfortable for 4, 5th passenger won't be happy for a distance of more than 100km until 2 out of the 3 are kids. Ride quality is decent with the suspension on the stiffer side.
  • Overall very happy with the purchase, at less than 12L on road price the car has almost everything one requires. Have got the alloys changed, seats covers were fitted before the delivery-infotainment system along with 4 speakers.

Attaching few pics:

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