Sold my Skoda Karoq after 4.5 years: Likes, dislikes & ownership review

It was a very satisfying and trouble-free ownership experience with the Karoq.

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The Karoq joined the family on a 3-year lease. Its stay got extended and finally after almost 4 years and 8 months with us, the Karoq left the garage in March 2023. The final odo reading when it was with us was 45847.

The Karoq was the perfect companion and did not have any reliability or other issues.

My previous post in this thread listed my likes and dislikes and thoughts on the Karoq as it had completed almost 4.5 years in the garage, not long before the Karoq left the garage. So I think the same will be applicable here as well. At the risk of repeating myself:


  • Perfect city SUV/crossover. Right size, right features, right space, right price, right everything
  • Perfect reliability
  • No noticeable wear and tear in the interiors after more than 50 months of use
  • Very comfortable driving long distances in


  • One frustration I can think of is how often the ADAS sensor got blocked during winter. In terms of the actual number, it was not much. But compared to the Octavia I had before the Karoq, it was certainly too many. The frustration was mainly due to the feeling that technology had gone backwards
  • Reliability of Android Auto connection was another frustrating thing, until the last service after which it was fixed
  • Nothing much else, really!

Fuel Costs:

Unfortunately, I lost a chunk of data due to a mobile phone crash some time back. So I do not have accurate numbers. Based on what I have, the total refuelling cost was about €4200, with around 2900 litres of fuel consumed.

The average fuel efficiency was thus around 16 km/l.

Maintenance Costs:

The maintenance cost for me is zero, other than the payment for the windshield washer fluid and the final cleaning of the car. Combined, it should be about €100 over the length of ownership. The rest of the maintenance costs are paid by the leasing company. But I will put them down here, as a reference. Only the data on the costs listed here are available through the leasing company's app. There are other payments like annual road tax and insurance on top of these.

  • Scheduled services: €1,111.51 (nothing was replaced other than consumables, wiper blades and remote key battery)
  • Seasonal Tire Changes: €672.96
  • Mandatory Inspection: €50
  • Total: €1834.47

Here are a couple of pics from the day the car was returned:

At the yard where the car was dropped off:

It was a very satisfying and trouble-free ownership experience with the Karoq. After the Karoq left the garage, we have been seeing a surprising number of cars with the same registration number (digits). We joke that the Karoq is sending these our way to remind us of itself and ask for help since it had gotten used to much reduced running post-Covid, and the new owners are making it work hard. Jokes apart, we hope that the Karoq will now provide a stress-free ownership experience to another family.

Highly Recommended and 5 stars!!

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